Dogging Sex Stories

Dogging sex stories are erotic tales of outdoor sex adventures, often involving public interaction and encounters with strangers. These risqué, daring stories explore the thrilling, naughty side of sex – the kind that comes with a hint of danger and a lot of excitement. Get ready to be aroused, titillated and entertained!

Dogging (Anonymous Public Sex)

Explore a provocative tale about a young man’s unexpected journey into the world of dogging. Chris, a 25-year-old lawyer, struggles with his diminishing sex life with his wife, puzzling over an unusual way out to fulfill his desires. This entertaining narrative delves into infidelity, temptation, and hidden desires on an evocative night under the shroud of anonymity.

Wife Dogging Story

Sheila had heard the word ‘dogging’ whispered a few times among her peers in hushed conversations. She never dared to ask about it, too embarrassed by the implication of the term. But the darkness of it all, the thrill, the unknown, piqued her curiosity in her most private moments. A fifty-something married woman for almost …

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Dogging in the Shadows

Dogging in the Shadows Nicole had always had a naughty side, wanting to do naughty things in secret and to satisfy her innermost desires. She felt like she was born to be a bit of an exhibitionist and this was something she could never get away from. She had heard about dogging and just what …

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The Adventurous Dogging Couple

The Adventurous Dogging Couple Dave and Julie loved each other and enjoyed a vibrant sex life. The one thing they had never done before, however, was ‘dogging’. As they discussed it they not only found the idea to be thrilling, they also realized that they could experience something new and exciting together. After talking about …

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Dogging in the Moonlight

Dogging in the Moonlight The night air was warm, the smell of sweet summer nights made the tension run between my legs. I felt a rush of excitement as I approached the field, alone in the darkness, I felt my body begin to heat up and my heart start racing as I prepared myself for …

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The Art of Dogging

The Art of Dogging I had always been intrigued by the idea of dogging. The thought of having sex with a stranger while others watched sent shivers down my spine. It was something that had always interested me, yet the fear of being caught and the embarrassment had stopped me from taking the plunge. But …

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