Dogging in the Shadows

Dogging in the Shadows

Nicole had always had a naughty side, wanting to do naughty things in secret and to satisfy her innermost desires. She felt like she was born to be a bit of an exhibitionist and this was something she could never get away from. She had heard about dogging and just what wild and naughty activities people could get up to, and she was drawn to it.

Little did she know that her wild fantasies about dogging were about to become a reality one dark and inviting night at the local wooded area.

It was a dark and cloudy night and Nicole decided to take a drive to the wooded area a few miles away from her house. She had been told it was a popular spot among those who liked to do naughty things, and she had always been a bit curious. She was wearing a tight top and skirt with some black high heels and wanted to get noticed.

As she arrived, she spotted the car headlights in the distance and she immediately realised why this spot had become so popular. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she made her way towards the spot, and then she saw it.

There were two people in the car, parked under the trees and obviously getting up to some naughty dogging fun. Her heart was racing as she watched them from a distance, her eyes widening as the action unfolded before her.

The woman was putting on an incredibly sexy lingerie outfit, and the man was desperately stripping off his clothes. She watched with lust as her groin began to ache with the anticipation of what was to come and her already moist panties became even wetter.

The man got into the woman’s car and Nicole couldn’t quite see what was going on, but she could hear the sound of their wild and naughty activities. She could hear the woman’s moans of pleasure as the man thrust in and out of her and this sent trembles of excitement right down Nicole’s spine.

They were both obviously enjoying themselves, and Nicole wanted to join in. She wanted to do naughty things in the shadows and to experience the pleasure she had been hearing.

So she got out of her car and crept around until she was close enough to the couple, without being seen. She watched them as they continued to enjoy their wild and naughty session, her heart aching with desire as she did so. The man seemed to be taking the woman hard and fast, and Nicole felt the warm liquid between her legs in response.

Eventually, the man finished and both of them got dressed, leaving in the car after glancing around to see if anyone had seen them. Nicole waited for a few minutes until it was confirmed that they had gone, and then she slowly moved from her hiding spot.

When she felt it was safe, she made her way over to where they had been and, just like she had imagined, there was evidence of the naughty activity they had engaged in. She put her hand in the dirt, her fingers exploring the evidence of the couple’s naughty dogging session.

This made Nicole even wetter and she felt like she needed to relieve her aching body. She quickly undressed and took out her vibrator from her bag, and before long she was completely lost in her own naughty world of pleasure and satisfaction.

Her body shuddered with delight, her moans echoing around the wooded area, although thankfully she couldn’t be heard. That didn’t stop Nicole from enjoying her naughty session though, and by the time she was finished she felt incredibly satisfied.

Nicole had finally experienced dogging in the shadows, something she had fantasized about for so long. She may have been scared and felt a little naughty, but she had to admit that it was also incredibly arousing. She returned home feeling far more satisfied and naughty than she had ever been before, and was definitely looking forward to doing it again soon.

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