Other Sex Stories

Interested in something a little different when it comes to reading erotic stories? Look no further than Other Sex Stories! Our diverse collection of stories explore topics ranging from cyborg sex, to crossspecies courting, to tales of erotica in another world. From the sweet to the taboo, find something to satisfy just about any kink or curiosity!

The Daughter Swap

A Peek into the Intriguing World of The Daughter Swap Erotic Story Introduction As the world of erotic literature continues to expand and grow, curious readers find themselves delving into stories that can be both titillating and thought-provoking. One such story that has gained prominence in recent years is the “Daughter Swap” erotic story. The …

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Brooke Monk Nude

An Evening of Passion: Brooke Mon’s Erotic Encounter Content Warning: This story contains explicit sexual content intended for adults only. Introduction Brooke Mon was a woman of remarkable beauty and grace. Her silky brunette hair cascaded over her shoulders, framing her angelic face. Her large almond-shaped eyes seemed to pierce the soul. With a figure …

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The Pillow Humping Diary

The Pillow Diary Chapter 1: The Awakening It was during my early teenage years when the stirrings of sexual awakening began. One afternoon, I was lying lazily on my soft plush pillow having returned early from school due to a weather alert. I recall rolling over, my intensifying body heat meeting the cool softness of …

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Big Cock Cuckold

The Big Cock Cuckold: A Tale of Sexual Exploration It all started with a simple fantasy. He had always been intrigued by the idea of being a cuckold, and now he decided to act on it. He was married to a beautiful woman, but the spark between them seemed to be fading, and he longed …

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Taste Of Mother In Law

Taste of Mother In Law: An Erotic Sex Story “Oh, Jack,” she said, her voice low and sultry, “I’ve been wanting you for so long. Come closer, and let me taste you.” Jack’s heart raced as he leaned in. His mother in law had been hinting at something more intimate between them for a while, …

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Yoga Tights

Making Love in Yoga Tights – A Hot and Steamy Erotic Sex Story It was a warm summer day and the sun was shining brightly. I was walking through the park and noticed a man in yoga tights. My eyes immediately locked onto his toned and fit body. I felt my heart start to race …

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Wife On The Beach

My Wife on the Beach I was looking forward to a romantic weekend away with my wife. We’d been planning it for weeks, and I could feel the excitement in the air as I drove us to the beach. We had the whole weekend to do whatever we pleased, and I couldn’t wait to get …

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Stripping For The Teacher

Stripping for the Teacher It was the first day of college and I was already feeling nervous. As I walked into the classroom, my heart began to beat faster. I saw the professor, an older man with grey hair and piercing eyes. He was wearing a tailored suit and seemed very distinguished. I could tell …

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