The Secret Life of Dogging

It was time for the secret life of dogging – an event that only happened once in a while. It only took a few seconds of conversation between the two people for an invitation to be extended. He had heard about this event from a friend, as she always seemed to be involved in some type of nocturnal activity. Although he was a bit hesitant at first, he eventually reached out, and soon enough they were arranging to meet.

The day of the event arrived, and they were both ready. He was dressed in his tightest clothes: black jeans and a red fitted shirt. He had a few extra layers of clothing just in case. As he neared the meeting spot, he could sense an air of anticipation in the air – everyone was out tonight to fulfil their own desires.

When they finally met, they were both taken aback. His friend had told him that people were dogging, but tonight he realised how serious the act was. The area was full of people of all ages and genders, all engaging in the same activity. He had never seen anything like it – it was truly a unique experience.

They decided to join in and find a suitable spot in the woods. After a little scouting, they found the perfect spot. The trees were tall and thick, offering a lot of privacy and a great view of the activity around them. They spread out a blanket and some other items that they had brought.

The two of them lay side by side, with his friend lying on her back, already aroused by the night. He took his time taking off her clothes, admiring her curves as he went. When she was fully undressed, she invited him to start his own seductive show. He kept his pants on, but removed his shirt and reached out to caress her breasts, sliding his hands down her body.

His touch was electrifying, and he felt her body quiver beneath him. She opened her legs, inviting him to enter her. Slowly, he went in and began thrusting rhythmically. Fireworks of pleasure erupted in her body as he went deeper, and his own pleasure heightened as he heard her soft moans of enjoyment.

They were both caught up in the moment, and neither noticed the small crowd that had gathered around them. They were all entranced in the lovemaking, some taking notes and sketches. The cheering of the audience only heightened the pleasure of the situation, and soon enough they climaxed together.

At the end, they lay there in each other’s arms, feeling the pleasure of the moment. After a few minutes, they got dressed and went back home, a little bit wiser and more experienced. Dogging may have seemed intimidating at first, but now they both knew how amazing it could be. They would come back time and time again, to enjoy the secret life of dogging.

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