Lesbian Sex Stories

This collection of lesbian sex stories explores the different perspectives of same-sex relationships and desires. Enjoy imaginative stories ranging from sensual romance to kinky adventures, with characters who love and lust for each other. These stories feature daring sexual encounters that will leave you breathless.

Sweet Summer Senses

Sweet Summer Senses It was a hot summer day and Sophia and Lilliana were both looking forward to a day in the sun. They had decided to take a break from their normal lives and treat themselves to a day at the pool. They wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spend some …

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Puttin’ on the Sheets

Puttin’ on the Sheets Karen had been having a great day up until now. She had gone out shopping with her friends, hit the gym and was having a fun night in her own apartment. She had taken out some ice cream and wine, plus some snacks to watch a romantic comedy. Karen was a …

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Tenderly Tenderizing the Night

Tenderly Tenderizing the Night “Dinner was lovely,” Luna said, pushing away her plate and leaning back in her seat. Her companion, Selene, smiled warmly, her deep blue eyes sparkling in the dim light of the restaurant. “It was, wasn’t it?” The candlelight flickered between them, giving the space a romantic atmosphere. Both women had ordered …

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A Soft Passing Breeze

A Soft Passing Breeze “I’m so glad we finally have this time together,” Sara said to Kya, her lips brushing against the other woman’s as she spoke. Kya smiled back, her deep blue eyes shining with pleasure, before she leaned in to deepen the kiss. They’d been talking on the phone for weeks after finally …

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Making Love in the Rain

A warm summer rain was beginning to fall as Senna and Claire walked hand in hand down the winding path, away from the busy street. The sound of the falling rain was soothing and they both felt relaxed, walking and talking as they made their way deeper into the park. The trees around them served …

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Heat of the Moment

Heat of the Moment It was a hot summer night, the kind that begged for adventure and lovemaking. Melinda and Trudy had been friends for years and had even toyed with the idea of something more, but both were a little shy and uncertain about making that leap. So instead they’d go out and party …

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Surrendering to Her Urges

Sandy and Lois had countless conversations about the kind of relationship they wanted to have. They had discussed all the possibilities and fantasized about all the different scenarios they could experience together. All the conversations gave them a sense of what they should expect from each other, but nothing could have prepared them for the …

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