Getting the Late Night Thrill

Getting the Late Night Thrill

The sun had just gone down and the evening sky was illuminated with a million stars, the perfect setting for a night of dogging. Steve had been looking forward to this evening for a while and as soon as he stepped out of the car, he had a feeling that this was going to be one of the best experiences he’d had in a while.

He’d heard about dogging a few months ago, and after doing some research, he knew that this was something he wanted to try. He was just an average guy, nothing particularly special, but he had always been one to live life to the fullest and he was excited to experience a new kind of sexual thrill.

As he stepped away from his car, he immediately saw a couple standing in the shadows of a nearby tree. They were making out and Steve couldn’t help but stare. They were both tall, dark-haired, and attractive, and Steve couldn’t believe how lucky he was to get the chance to watch them so closely. As the pair continued their passionate embrace, Steve looked around to make sure no one else was watching and slowly began to unzip his fly.

He couldn’t believe what he was about to do; he was going to have sex with them and all he could do was hope that they wouldn’t run away screaming when they saw what he was doing. He was incredibly turned on, and as he took off his clothes he felt like an animal, his body buzzing with a mixture of excitement and fear.

When Steve was finally naked, he couldn’t help but admire his body. He had a toned and muscular body, with a six pack and tight buns. He had tan lines and tattoos that highlighted the parts of his body that most excited him and he couldn’t wait to share them with the couple who were strolling around.

He slowly walked over to them, his heart racing as he made his way closer, and when the couple finally noticed him, they stopped and stared. The woman had a look of surprise on her face and he could see the young man was fighting off a smile.

“Hey,” Steve said. “Sorry to interrupt you guys, but I wanted to let you know that I’m interested in joining in. Are you guys okay with that?”

The couple exchanged a few quick words, and then both nodded in agreement. Steve was taken aback by their behavior; they didn’t seem to mind at all, and they seemed actually happy to have him join in. They gestured for him to come closer, and Steve stepped forward, his heart pounding in anticipation.

The woman stepped closer to him, and she placed her hand on his chest, slowly sliding it down and then back up, exploring his body with her fingertips. She then leaned forward and kissed him passionately, her lips soft but insistent. He responded with equal ardour, and as the kiss continued, the man stepped closer and encircled them both in his arms.

The kiss was electrifying and when the woman stepped away and the man took her place, Steve gasped at the feeling of being sandwiched between them. He was so turned on, he wanted them both and he wanted it now.

The night soon took on a dreamlike quality, as the three of them moved together in the shadows, the mood becoming more and more intense as the couple explored Steve’s body. His cock felt incredibly hard, and soon enough the man took his place between Steve’s legs, licking, sucking and licking his way down his body while the woman pulled off Steve’s clothes and explored his body with her hands.

It was an incredible experience, a sexual thrill like no other, and as Steve felt his orgasm looming he braced himself for the pleasure that was to come. Then, as if by a spell, the two were coming together in unison, their screams echoing through the night as Steve shuddered and felt himself filled with pleasure so intense it felt like he was almost floating.

Once they had finished, they all lay side by side, completely satisfied and content. Steve knew he had just experienced something special, something that would stay with him for the rest of his life. Later, he would take with him the memories of the night, and he would be grateful for the chance to experience something so wild, something that he had been too scared to even consider before.

Steve got dressed and said goodbye to the couple, feeling relieved that he had done it, but also aware that he would definitely be back for more. He had been searching for the late night thrill and finally he had made it his own.

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