Dogging in the Moonlight

Dogging in the Moonlight

The night air was warm, the smell of sweet summer nights made the tension run between my legs. I felt a rush of excitement as I approached the field, alone in the darkness, I felt my body begin to heat up and my heart start racing as I prepared myself for the night ahead.

I had heard about dogging, it intrigued me and I was eager to experience it for myself. I had been researching it for weeks, feeling the familiar unease of anticipation, as I prepared everything I would need for the night.

The field was only a short distance away, and I parked my car in the shadows away from the main road. Taking a deep breath, I opened the drivers’ side door, my excitement growing as I stepped out and into the night. I could feel my legs trembling slightly as I made my way across the field, the soft grass lifting up as I stepped with each passing second.

I could hear the distant sound of music rising from the entrance of the field, and I smiled as I made my way towards the entrance. As I approached, I saw a small gathering of people, all of them clothed in black, their faces hidden under hoods or masks.

My eyes scanned the crowd, until my gaze fell on one man, older than the other, his features masculine and attractive in the moonlight. I felt a tingle of electricity run through my body, as my eyes lingeredon his unmasked face.

I walked closer to him, my heart pounding in my chest, until we were just a few feet apart. I watched as he looked back at me and smiled, my breath catching in my throat as I realised he was just as I had imagined him to be. I felt my body respond to his gaze and held it, until he finally leaned in and spoke.

“So, is this your first time dogging?” he asked, his voice low and inviting.

I could feel my face heat up, embarrassed that he had figured out the truth. But I nodded and replied that it was, and he just shrugged and said, “No worries, it’s all good, everyone here is new at some point.”

I followed him to a small, isolated area of the field, away from the watchful gaze of the others. He motioned me towards a blanket on the ground, and my breath caught as he pulled me close to him. His touch sent electricity through my body, and I leaned into his embrace eagerly.

He touched my cheek softly and smiled as he looked into my eyes. “Now I know why you were so nervous,” he whispered, his eyes lingering warmly on my face.

He slowly unbuttoned my dress, his fingers gently tracing down my body as he slowly removed my clothing. I felt my arousal grow with each second, my heart pounding in my chest as I felt him take his time with each piece of clothing he removed. I wanted him to keep going, but I made my self wait, allowing the anticipation to build.

Finally, I was completely undressed, and I watched him take in my body with a look of appreciation as he looked down at me. His eyes then trailed down to my cleavage, and he slowly began to tease my breasts with his hands and mouth, his touch sending shivers through my body.

He then moved down lower and feather-light kisses down my body, my skin feeling alive as anticipation grew. I moaned softly, arching my back and pressing myself closer to him as he continued. Finally, he reached my lower half, my arousal growing with each passing second as his lips and tongue explored further. I felt my body trembling as I reached climax, his touch sending heat and desire through my entire body as waves of pleasure cascaded over me.

My body limp and satisfied, I looked into his eyes and smiled, our faces just inches apart. He smiled back and without saying a word, he reached down and tenderly embraced me, holding me close as we enjoyed the moment together.

Finally, we both got up and silently made our way back to my car, the silhouette of his strong body leading me back across the field as the moonlight reflected off his face.

I drove off in the night, still feeling the thrill of our time together, my body still tingling from the pleasure I had experienced. I smiled to myself, secure in the knowledge that I had finally experienced dogging in the moonlight.

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