Mom Sex Stories

Explore the steamy, sensual, and passionate sides of motherhood with this collection of erotic Mom Sex Stories. Whether you’re a recently-confident young adult seeking guidance or a seasoned professional wanting to rekindle the physical connection, this book provides an insight into the taboo world of mother-daughter relations through steamy stories of blended ages and genders. Dive in and explore the rich, stimulating sexual world of unforgettably seductive motherhood!

Dark Forbidden Seduction

Dark Forbidden Seduction It was a dark and steamy night in the city, the kind that made a person feel excited and yet slightly afraid of the unknown. The sky was dark and a full moon illuminated the cityscape and provided an aura of mysteriousness that sent shivers up one’s spine. Hélène was thrilled to …

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Obscene Sensual Adrenaline

Obscene Sensual Adrenaline Valerie had always been a woman who knew exactly what she wanted out of life. In her early 40s, she was a successful businesswoman who also enjoyed all the pleasures that life, and especially sex, had to offer. She had a large collection of toys and was no stranger to the world …

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Rapturous Forbidden Fantasy

Rapturous Forbidden Fantasy “Oh God …” The sound of his breathy exclamation hit my ears as I ran my hands over his strong, muscular back, feeling the heat of his skin radiating through my fingertips. I was lying beneath my lover, my fingers tightly clenched around the sheets as I mentally rolled around in the …

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Risky Exotic Temptations

Risky Exotic Temptations: A Mom Sex Story Karen had been married for fifteen years and, while her marriage was comfortable, it was by no means what she would consider passionate or even exciting. She and her husband, Tom, didn’t argue, but they had grown apart over time. The days and nights seemed to blur together. …

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Intensifying Taboo Thrills

It happened on a warm summer evening when she had gotten home from work. The air was sultry and humid, making the atmosphere around their house almost stifling. Her husband, Jack, lay on their bed, drifting off to sleep, already undone by the heat. She had a plan and was determined to see it through. …

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Seduction of the Deviant

She was a young, attractive mother, and today she was feeling particularly eager to be seduced. She had just had her daughter at school, but the house was empty and she was alone. Her husband was at work, and the house was quiet. As she began to clean the house, she thought about the sexy …

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Subjugation of Taboo

It was a typical Tuesday for Linda. She got up early, got her kids ready for school, and went to work. But once she was at work, something started to stir inside of her. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it felt like an itch deep inside her body. She felt a strange …

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Coerced Into Pleasure

Karen had been married to her husband for almost six years now and all the while she had been holding out hope that their lackluster sex life would improve. She loved her husband and knew that he was a good man, but their bedroom activities were becoming stale, and Karen wanted to feel the spark …

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Forbidden Desires Unleashed

Forbidden Desires Unleashed Heather was a typical suburban mother of two who, while she wouldn’t exactly say she was unsatisfied with her life, she certainly felt like something was missing. She felt a yearning deep within her, a desire that she had never quite known she was even capable of feeling. She had married young …

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