Anal Sex Stories

Anal Sex Stories is an erotic collection of short stories exploring the intimate side of sex. Readers can explore the world of anal pleasure from the pleasure of the first touch to being an anal expert. The stories offer an insight into the taboo exploits of both straight and gay men, as well as women, who enjoy the intense pleasure of anal sex. With many stories to choose from, readers can explore their own personal fantasies and explore new sexual interests.

Lisa’s ass

It was a warm summer evening when John and his wife Lisa returned home from a long day at work. As they walked through the door, Lisa could feel John’s eyes burning into her ass. She knew what that look meant. John loved her ass and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it. …

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Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Phone Sex and the Anal Exploration It had been a long day, and Mistress Phone Sex was exhausted. She was in need of some naughty fun and relaxation, and she knew just the thing. She had heard so much about anal exploration, and she knew that it was something she had to experience for …

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School Caning Stories

School Caning Stories: An Erotic Anal Sex Tale This is the story of a naughty schoolgirl who loves to be caned and subsequently enjoys a wild night of anal sex. It was the last week of school before summer break and the students were already looking forward to the holidays. Tessa was one of them, …

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Amex Christmas Party

It was a little different than your typical Amex Christmas Party. Typically, there were the traditional, cookie-cutter decorations, but this time, there was an air of something a bit naughtier. Instead of the usual red and green tinsel, there were dark red and blue lights twinkling and reflecting off of the mirrors and the stainless …

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Death Feederism

It was a dark and stormy night. The rain had been coming down in buckets all day, and the sky was cloudy and grey. John had been living alone in his apartment since his wife left him a year ago, and the only thing keeping him company was the constant sound of thunder and rain. …

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Crystal Dildo

Crystal Dildo knew the night would be an interesting one. She was an exotic dancer and a professional escort, and she had been asked to provide a special sort of service for a wealthy client. It had sounded exciting, especially since she was used to the same old routine of providing a lap dance and …

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Ann Summers Hen Party

Ann Summers Hen Party Ann and her friends had a great idea for her hen party. It was the last night of the festivities and they had the idea to bring in an escort for a wild night of anal sex. Ann had always been open to trying new things and was excited to try …

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Crossdressers In London

Crossdressers In London The summer in London was unbearably hot, and with the heat came a rise in people wanting to explore their sexuality. For many, that meant a rise in crossdressers – people who wore clothes of the opposite sex to feel sexy, confident, and empowered. For John, it was an opportunity to explore …

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Male Spank Contacts

Jon had been waiting for this day for weeks. His hands were shaking, his heart pounding as he drove to the address he’d received. He had finally contacted the Male Spank Contacts – the exclusive escort agency catering to men who wanted to experience the pleasure of anal sex. He finally arrived and knocked on …

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Sister Stories Hoodie

Sister Stories Hoodie always kept to herself and rarely made small talk with anyone that wasn’t essential. She was always busy, living in her own world and keeping to herself. She was a petite woman with a slim frame and shoulder length brown hair. She had the most beautiful blue eyes and a bubbly personality …

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