The Adventurous Dogging Couple

The Adventurous Dogging Couple

Dave and Julie loved each other and enjoyed a vibrant sex life. The one thing they had never done before, however, was ‘dogging’. As they discussed it they not only found the idea to be thrilling, they also realized that they could experience something new and exciting together. After talking about why it appealed to them both and deciding that they would try it, they began planning their first go at dogging.

It was a Saturday night when they finally decided to take the plunge. Dave had scouted a few potential dogging locations they could try and they decided on an abandoned parking lot near a nature reserve. The location seemed perfect to them; it was off the beaten path and away from prying eyes.

When they arrived, they parked the car in a remote corner of the lot and got out. Julie was wearing a long loose-fitting dress and Dave had on a baggy sweater. They both felt incredibly aroused by the thrill of doing something so illicit. After a few moments, they started to kiss passionately as they moved away from the car.

The night was chilly but their bodies were warming up quickly due to their excitement, so they didn’t notice the cold. Dave pulled Julie’s dress up and walked her to a nearby tree. He pinned her to it, pushing his body up against hers and crushing her lips with his. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck as he delved his tongue into her mouth.

His hands explored her body, pressing and caressing her curves, before moving up to cup her breasts. His touch was urgent, and Julie felt like she was melting under his gaze. He began squeezing and kneading her flesh before pulling his hands back to undo his pants.

Julie eagerly reached out and wrapped her fingers around his erection, guiding it towards her core. She helped him fill her as they began to make love against the tree. Dave grinned and pulled her even closer to her, pushing his hips against hers to drive his member deep within her.

She dug her nails into his back and moaned as he started thrusting hard, pushing her to the brink of ecstasy. He started to move faster and faster and she felt like she was about to explode. Just as she was about to reach her peak, Dave stopped and looked her in the eye.

“I want you to finish,” he said before turning towards the car. “We have a special show for the people that are going to be watching us,” he added.

Julie was a bit shocked at first, but then the thrill of being watched took over her senses. She heard the car doors open and closed and she knew that Dave had got the guests they had invited. She moved away from the tree, still feeling aroused and ready to go.

Dave came back and grabbed her hand, leading her to the back of the car where the doors were open. He told her to climb in and she followed his instructions, crawling over the seats and lying on the backseat as he continued.

“This is the show,” he said as he pressed her body down into the back seat.

He then proceeded to start thrusting his hips as if he was still making love to her. Julie gasped with delight as she felt him impaling her, the sensations of the audience watching making her tremble with pleasure. Dave pumped his hips faster and Julie screamed out in pleasure as she felt her orgasm building up. She shouted out his name as she was overtaken by the waves of pleasure and came hard, squirting around his shaft.

Dave followed shortly as his own pleasure exploded with one final thrust and soon they were both lying spent in each other’s arms, surrounded by a warm cocoon of heat.

After they had recovered, they climbed out of the car and back into the night. The audience had dispersed and the parking lot was almost empty. Dave grabbed Julie’s hand and they walked back to the car, both laughing in delight at their naughty adventure.

They drove home in the early hours of the morning, agreeing to come back to the same spot for their next dogging escapade. They had found a new way to have incredibly naughty yet incredibly pleasurable experiences and they knew that they would do it again, soon.

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