Lipstick Kisses in the Moonlight

Lipstick Kisses in the Moonlight

Heather and Sarah were two college roommates who were madly in love with each other. They had been together for almost two years and were deeply in love. It wasn’t just a typical college romance either; these two girls felt a deeper connection to each other that went beyond anything that could be described.

One night, the two of them had decided to take a romantic walk near their campus. It was a warm summer night and the stars were out in full force. Heather stopped Sarah and said, “Look up, baby. How can you not feel inspired by all this beauty?” Sarah just smiled and looked up at the stars, mesmerized by how pretty they looked in the night sky.

Heather slowly put her arms around Sarah, making her face melt into her embrace as they embraced under the stars. Slowly, Heather’s lips started to explore Sarah’s neck, moving up to her chin and then to her lips. After a few minutes of passionate kissing in the moonlight, they finally gave into each other and embraced with a passion they hadn’t before.

Sarah’s hands started to explore Heather’s body, feeling her tight yet soft curves. As Heather felt Sarah’s fingers running through her slender figure, her heart raced with love and desire as these two physical sensations melted together. Heather was overwhelmed by Sarah’s delicate touches, and within seconds she was completely submerged in pleasure.

Sarah took Heather’s hand and guided her away from the mesmerizing stars and into the peaceful darkness of the nearby woods. Both of them were lost in the amazing moment their bodies were sharing. Everything seemed perfect and like a dream. As they walked further into the woods, the stars above them started to become fainter and the moonlight seemed to grow brighter.

Heather and Sarah approached and old oak tree, and Heather leaned against its trunk and said, “This is perfect.” She then very slowly started to stroke Sarah’s hair and face. As they embraced, they couldn’t help but look into each other’s eyes, feeling a deeper and more powerful connection than they had ever felt before.

As their eyes locked, Heather started to kiss Sarah gently and with immense passion. They were lost in the moment, and neither of them felt the need to move. Both of them were overwhelmed with the feeling of pure bliss. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours before eventually laying down beneath the tree.

Once on the ground, Heather reached for her purse and pulled out a tube of bright red lipstick. She smiled and said, “I thought we might need a little sexy ambiance.” Heather then started to put on some of the lipstick and handed Sarah the tube. Sarah immediately followed, and they both smothered in the sweet red lip color.

As they then started to kiss each other all over again, the moonlight seemed to brighten and the smells of the woods intermingled with their passionate lips. With each kiss, they grew more and more aroused until eventually they let go and their bodies melted together in perfect harmony. Their orgasmic pleasure seemed to last for hours as they stayed completely lost in their own paradise.

Once Heather and Sarah had recovered from their romantic encounter in the moonlight, they looked around the woods and both could feel the magic that had been created. They knew that no matter what happened in the future, they would always have the amazing memory of their Lipstick Kisses in the Moonlight.

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