A Soft Passing Breeze

A Soft Passing Breeze

“I’m so glad we finally have this time together,” Sara said to Kya, her lips brushing against the other woman’s as she spoke. Kya smiled back, her deep blue eyes shining with pleasure, before she leaned in to deepen the kiss. They’d been talking on the phone for weeks after finally getting the chance to take a long weekend away from it all.

Kya couldn’t believe they were here now, in this quiet little beach cottage in a sleepy coastal town. More importantly, they were here together, alone. No work, no worries and no one else but them. Sara had been wanting this for a while and Kya had finally agreed. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the light breezes that had been playing across the stillness of the night.

“Look,” Kya said softly, pointing to the open window. “The ocean, can you feel it? It’s so gentle, like a soft passing breeze.”

Sara smiled, her heart fluttering with excitement as she watched the night sky, filled with stars and a silvery moon, reflecting off the calm surface of the gentle sea. Her skin tingled as the soft breeze caressed her flesh, reminded her of all that lay ahead for the two of them.

Kya stood up, feeling the gentle current of air carry the aroma of jasmine and the light hints of cinnamon to her nose. She smiled and turned to face her lover, her deep blue eyes smoldering with a desire she’d hidden from the world until this moment. She stepped closer, not enough to touch Sara but just a foot away, and brushed her hand gently against her cheek.

“Kya,” Sara murmured, her voice barely audible in the stillness of the night. Kya smiled and moved to meet her, their lips merging together in a passionate and tender embrace that carried all the love and passion of their growing bond. The soft breeze surrounding them felt like a blanket, a protection from the outside world that they were perfectly content to ignore.

Breaking away, they kept their gaze locked with each other. The moment stretched out and neither wanted it to end, as if they were both desperate to store every second in their memories—to hold onto this night as long as possible.

Finally, Kya stepped back, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Come on, let’s go inside. I think I have something for us to do.”

Sara smiled in anticipation; she didn’t know what Kya had in store, but she trusted her. She followed Kya inside, grateful for the warm embrace of the cottage. Kya lit a few candles and walked to the bedroom, still not touching her. She reached for a blanket and spread it over the bed before turning back to her.

Kya held out her hand and Sara took it, allowing herself to be guided towards the bed. Kya sat down, her back against the pillows, and Sara followed suit. They lay side by side, looking up at the stars streaming down from the sky, peeking through the window.

“Now,” said Kya, her voice deeper than before. “Let’s get to what I’ve been wanting to do since we first talked.”

Sara’s breath quickened with anticipation, already knowing what Kya was about to suggest before she even said it.

“Let’s make love,” said Kya simply.

Sara nodded, not trusting herself to speak just yet. She couldn’t believe this was finally happening and felt a warmth spread throughout her body that had nothing to do with the warmth of the night. Kya smiled and ran her fingers through Sara’s hair, her touch like a feather kiss as she trailed her fingernails down her body.

Their caressing hands explored each other, their fingers intertwined and their palms flat against each other. Their mouths met again, their tongues dancing a seductive tango as Kya’s fingers stroked her inner thighs. Sara gasped, her hands clenching tightly around Kya’s as a wave of pleasure shot through her.

Kya’s touch was gentle, her touches becoming more intimate as their passion grew. Her fingertips lingered where they left tender, burning sensations that sent Sara even further into a blissful oblivion. The soft passing breeze, blowing through the open window, seemed to amplify their desires, as if the air around them was as eager for this moment as they both were.

Kya moved her body to move with Sara’s, their rhythms perfectly syncing as Sara moved with greater and greater intensity. Kya moved with her, pushing her to greater heights while exploring the depths of her passions. It felt like they were entwined in a timeless universe, every second both an eternity and a fleeting moment.

Eventually, they both shuddered together as Sara’s orgasm raced through her body. They stayed there, still connected, until they gathered the last of their energy back and curled into each other’s arms. The soft passing breeze meant neither of them wanted to move, the moment was too perfect to end quite yet.

They held each other until morning, the sensation of the gentle wind still caressing their bodies as if it was still trying to keep them in that moment for just a little bit longer. No words were spoken; none were needed. But both Sara and Kya knew that no matter what was outside that moment, the love that had been created between them was something that would last forever.

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