Tenderly Tenderizing the Night

Tenderly Tenderizing the Night

“Dinner was lovely,” Luna said, pushing away her plate and leaning back in her seat.

Her companion, Selene, smiled warmly, her deep blue eyes sparkling in the dim light of the restaurant. “It was, wasn’t it?”

The candlelight flickered between them, giving the space a romantic atmosphere. Both women had ordered a bottle of wine, but decided not to drink, not wanting to lessen the mood of the evening.

Luna could feel the heat rising within her body as Selene’s eyes traveled over her face. She was mesmerized by the energy and intensity of the woman seated across the table from her.

For what seemed like an eternity, the two of them said nothing, just basking in the closeness of one another. Eventually, Selene broke the silence.

“Let’s go somewhere more private,” she said.

Luna’s heart raced at her suggestion. She nodded and rose from her chair, following Selene out to the waiting car.

The ride was short and soon they were parked in front of Selene’s house. She opened the door and ushered Luna in.

The inside was dark, the only light coming from the fire that had been started in the living room. As Selene took off her coat and hung it on the wall, Luna couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked with the dancing flames illuminating her face.

Selene approached her, gentle but firm hands pushing her back against the wall. She leaned in and kissed Luna deeply, her lips afire with passion.

The kiss sent fire racing through Luna’s veins. She reached up and pulled Selene’s body closer to hers, wanting to feel her every breath. Selene was obviously enjoying it too, as her hand reached up and cradled Luna’s face, their lips parting only for a moment before coming together again in a tender embrace.

Slowly, their clothing came off and their skin was exposed to one another. Selene’s hot body pressed against Luna’s, eliciting a gasp of pleasure which was consumed by the night. Selene ran her hands over Luna’s body, tenderly exploring her curves.

Luna’s breath caught as Selene’s hands traveled lower, teasing her most sensitive spots. Selene’s touch felt like a soft caress and Luna couldn’t help but arch her back, wanting more of it.

Selene’s caresses eventually moved upward and Luna shivered as her hands cupped her breasts and her lips trailed soft kisses along her skin. Every touch from Selene felt electric, sending waves of pleasure through Luna’s body.

The two moved to the bedroom, their hands exploring each other’s bodies as they went. Once they were in bed, the passionate lovemaking began.

Selene straddled Luna, their bodies rocking in unison as their kisses grew more passionate. Selene smiled down at her and placed her hands on each side of Luna’s face, cupping it in her own. She moved her hands down Luna’s body, tenderly exploring every curve.

The night was a blur of pleasure as they moved together, each lost in the sheer ecstasy of their carnal embrace. Their bodies melted together as they tenderly savored one another until the early morning hours.

Luna awoke cradled in Selene’s arms, feeling the sun’s warmth creep through the windows. The night had been like a dream, a dream of tenderness and the intense pleasure of being close to a woman she truly loved.

At that moment, all Luna felt was contentment. She held Selene closer, tenderly tenderizing the night and careful to not let the moment slip away.

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