Making Love in the Rain

A warm summer rain was beginning to fall as Senna and Claire walked hand in hand down the winding path, away from the busy street. The sound of the falling rain was soothing and they both felt relaxed, walking and talking as they made their way deeper into the park. The trees around them served like a canopy and dampened the sound of the rain falling, making it even more peaceful and intimate.

Senna and Claire both looked at each other with a knowing glance; this was a special moment for both of them and they were loathe to let it end anytime soon. Without making a word, they moved closer together, their hands still tightly intertwined, and kissed tenderly, mouths caressing as the rain slowly began to trickle down both of their faces.

Claire opened her eyes and looked around, Senna following suit, and for a brief moment, the two looked at one another as though nothing else in the world existed. But it soon became clear that something was on their minds, something they both wanted to share but weren’t sure how to bring it up.

Finally, Senna started.

“I know it’s raining, but we don’t have to rush back home,” she said softly.

Claire smiled, her face blushing slightly with excitement. “I know exactly what you’re thinking,” she replied.

The two stepped off the path and moved further into the park, finding a secluded spot beneath some trees where they could be alone. Senna lay down on the grass, which was soft and wet from the rain, while Claire knelt down beside her. They gazed into one another’s eyes without saying a word, before Claire leaned in and kissed Senna gently on the lips.

They soon found themselves making love beneath the trees, the rain becoming heavier and heavier as their passion rose. Claire moved herself up onto Senna, both of their bodies wet from the rain and their love for one another. Their movements were gentle yet passionate, and their kisses became more frequent and passionate as well.

As their lovemaking intensified, the rain began to subside until it was barely a drizzle. They eventually lay still in each other’s arms, no longer worrying about the rain or having to hurry home. They simply shared a moment of bliss, their love and connection stronger than anything they’d ever felt before.

Once their breathing returned to normal, Senna and Claire made their way back to the walking path and back to the busy city street. Their skin was still damp, but they didn’t care, as they both knew that the feelings they just experienced would stay with them forever. They shared one more kiss under the trees before setting off together, as if nothing had changed between them in that short time.

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