Death Feederism

It was a dark and stormy night. The rain had been coming down in buckets all day, and the sky was cloudy and grey.

John had been living alone in his apartment since his wife left him a year ago, and the only thing keeping him company was the constant sound of thunder and rain.

John had always been fascinated with death and the afterlife, so to pass the time he started to research his newfound passion. One of the things he came across was the idea of death feeding experiments.

The concept intrigued John, and he decided to give it a try. He found an escort agency that dealt in death feeding services and booked an appointment.

At the appointed time, John arrived at the escort agency. He was greeted by a lady named Jen. She was tall and slender with long, dark hair and piercing eyes. Jen welcomed John into her office and she sat down at her desk.

Jen told him about the service she was offering. She explained that it was a form of BDSM, where the client was the “Death Feeder” and the escort was the “Death Victim”.

The idea was that the client would use an enema to fill their partner’s ass with warm water since it was believed that the water coming out of the anus could have a therapeutic effect on the person’s soul.

John was hesitant at first, but Jen reassured him that he would have full control of the session. She also told him that if he felt uncomfortable at any point, he could simply stop and they would move onto something else. With that assurance, John agreed to give it a try.

Jen instructed John to disrobe and lay down on the bed. She then filled a metal bucket with warm water and lubricant and placed it beside him.

Next, she inserted a long, thin tube into John’s anus and asked him to relax as she slowly released the warm water. John felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but soon the feeling became pleasurable as the water entered his body.

After a few minutes, Jen removed the tube and asked John to turn over. She then began to massage his body with the lubricant. Her hands were gentle and soothing, and soon John was in a trance-like state.

Jen then moved to his anus. She used lubricant to slowly and gently massage it, working her way deeper and deeper until John felt the urge to push the warm water out.

He pushed and the water slowly came out of his anus. He felt relieved and calm as the warm water exited his body, and soon he felt fully relaxed.

Jen then asked John to lay back down, and she gently licked his anus. The sensation was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, and it sent shivers of pleasure throughout his body.

John and Jen continued this process for a while, until eventually, he felt his body being filled with an intense orgasm that sent waves of pleasure washing over him.

When it was all over, John felt a strong connection with Jen. He thanked her for the experience, and they chatted for a while. He asked if he could book another session.

She said yes, that she would be more than happy to see him again. They exchanged numbers, and John left feeling satisfied.

From that day on, John and Jen’s love for death feeding only grew. They explored different ways to make the experience as pleasurable and meaningful as possible, and John never failed to feel his connection to the afterlife every time he and Jen indulged in the practice.

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