Amex Christmas Party

It was a little different than your typical Amex Christmas Party. Typically, there were the traditional, cookie-cutter decorations, but this time, there was an air of something a bit naughtier. Instead of the usual red and green tinsel, there were dark red and blue lights twinkling and reflecting off of the mirrors and the stainless steel bar at the back of the room. The walls were adorned with a variety of sex toys, ranging from vibrators and dildos to vibrating rings, blindfolds and even a few leather paddles and whips.

At the center of the room was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, with a toy train running around it, surrounded by a variety of gifts and presents. Off to the side was the dance floor, filled with pulsating music that only served to increase the sensual atmosphere.

Dressed in their finest evening attire, the guests of the party had begun to arrive. One of the first to arrive was Thomas, a 29-year-old banker who worked at the local Amex branch. Thomas had been invited to the party by a friend of a friend and was eager to experience what the evening had in store for him.

Thomas moved through the room, shaking hands with everyone and exchanging pleasantries. He couldn’t help but feel the electricity in the air as he glanced around. Everyone was clearly there to have a good time, and it was clear that the evening would be one to remember.

As the night wore on, Thomas slowly began to loosen up and get comfortable. The drinks were flowing freely and the conversation was lively and entertaining. The couples began to move onto the dance floor, and Thomas found himself enjoying watching the other couples dance with each other.

The more he watched the more he began to feel aroused. As he continued to observe, he started to feel himself becoming aroused and soon, he found his eyes frequently drifting to the “special” section of the room. As he moved closer, his heart began to pound in his chest. He glanced around nervously to make sure no one was looking, and then slowly moved into the darkened corner.

Here, there were a variety of couples, all engaged in the same activities, some with more enthusiasm than others. Thomas’ gaze landed on one couple in particular. The man was on his knees, with his head between the woman’s legs, while she lay back and enjoyed it. Thomas felt his arousal grow as he watched the man expertly lick and suck on her clit, as she moaned and writhed in pleasure.

He couldn’t help it, he wanted to join in. He had always been curious about anal sex, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to experiment. He watched the couple for a few more minutes, until the man began to enter the woman from behind. Thomas felt his cock harden even further at the sight of the man’s cock disappearing inside the woman’s tight asshole.

He wanted that experience. He glanced around again to make sure no one was watching and then stepped up behind the woman. He let out a soft moan as his hands brushed against her soft skin. She seemed to welcome his touch and he felt a wave of arousal pass over him at the thought of being with her.

He paused briefly to admire her body, before pressing his hardening cock against her ass. He then took her hips in his hands and began to thrust deeply as she moaned and writhed beneath him. The sensation of entering her tight, wet pussy was more intense than he had ever imagined, and as he continued to thrust, he felt himself growing closer and closer to climax.

Suddenly, the woman turned her head and met his gaze. She smiled and pulled him closer to her. His heart raced as he felt her tight grip on his shaft and he drove himself deeper and deeper into her, until they both fell into a blissful oblivion.

When they had both recovered, they continued to lie in each other’s arms and watch as the party continued around them. Thomas couldn’t believe what had just happened and as they took in the scene around them, he felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity to have such an experience.

Anal sex was definitely something he would be experimenting with again soon.

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