Ann Summers Hen Party

Ann Summers Hen Party

Ann and her friends had a great idea for her hen party. It was the last night of the festivities and they had the idea to bring in an escort for a wild night of anal sex. Ann had always been open to trying new things and was excited to try something she had never done before.

The escort was a tall, handsome man, who had taken excellent care of his body. He seemed experienced and knew just how to please a woman. When the girls saw him, they all gasped in admiration. Ann was especially taken with him and couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for her.

For starters, the escort took Ann to the bedroom and had her lay down on the bed on her stomach. He then started to massage and caress her, working his way down her body to her inner thighs. He teased her with his fingers and drove her wild with anticipation. Before she knew it, he was slipping his fingers inside her tight pussy and pleasuring her like never before.

Ann moaned in pleasure as he pleasured her. She loved the sensation of his fingers inside her and couldn’t wait for more. The escort then moved to her back and started to massage her lower back and ass. He rubbed and massaged the sensitive muscles and Ann couldn’t believe how good it felt.

Finally, he moved to her ass and started to tease her anus. Gently and slowly, he inserted a finger and caused Ann to gasp in pleasure. She felt her body quiver with pleasure as he slowly and methodically explored her ass. He then added a second finger and started to massage her inner walls. Ann couldn’t believe how good it felt and giggled as she felt pleasure wash over her body.

The escort then put on some lubrication and started to slowly insert his cock in her tight ass. Ann felt her body quiver and her pussy become even wetter as he filled her up. The pleasure was intense and Ann could barely contain herself.

The escort then began to fuck her slowly and methodically. Each stroke caused her to moan loudly and move her hips in pleasure. As he increased his tempo, Ann rocked with him, meeting each thrust with another.

Finally, after some time, the escort increased his thrusts and Ann felt her inner walls quiver. She squealed in pleasure as she felt him cum deep inside her. Moments later, Ann too felt her orgasm wash over her body, an intense wave of pleasure encompassing her.

Afterwards, the escort pulled out and the girls all gave Ann a round of applause. Ann was still a bit taken aback by what just happened but she was smiling from ear to ear. Ann had just had the most amazing experience of her life and she couldn’t wait to do it again. She thanked the escort for his services and promised to keep in touch.

As the hen party was coming to an end, all the girls agreed that it was the best night of their lives. Ann had just had her first experience with anal sex and she felt an incredible surge of pleasure and satisfaction. It was definitely a night to remember and Ann couldn’t wait to do it all again.

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