School Caning Stories

School Caning Stories: An Erotic Anal Sex Tale

This is the story of a naughty schoolgirl who loves to be caned and subsequently enjoys a wild night of anal sex.

It was the last week of school before summer break and the students were already looking forward to the holidays. Tessa was one of them, her eyes lighting up at the thought of being able to sleep in without having to worry about getting up early. As she walked down the hallway to her locker, she started to imagine what she would do with her newfound freedom.

Little did she know that today would mark the start of something that would change her life forever.

Tessa opened her locker and pulled out her books, ready to head to class. As she closed the door, she heard a voice behind her.

“Well, well, well,” said her teacher, Mr. Kane. “What do we have here? Seems like someone has been a very naughty girl lately.”

Tessa blushed, knowing exactly what he was talking about. She had been caught cheating on her last assignment and was due to have a caning later that day.

“I think you know what’s going to happen,” Mr. Kane said with a smirk. “You had better be in my office at the end of the day, or else.”

Tessa nodded, not daring to say anything. She had heard the horror stories of Mr. Kane’s caning, and she had no intention of finding out first hand.

The day passed slowly for Tessa, her mind spinning as she thought about what was in store for her. She knew she’d never be able to concentrate properly, so she just tried to pass the time as quickly as possible.

Finally, the bell rang and Tessa made her way to Mr. Kane’s office. He was already there, looking stern and intimidating. He motioned for her to take a seat, and Tessa did so, avoiding eye contact.

“Do you know why you’re here?” Mr. Kane asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Tessa replied. “I cheated on my last assignment and I’m here to be punished.”

Mr. Kane nodded and stood up, motioning for Tessa to come with him. He led her to an adjacent room that had a large wooden chair and a long, thin cane.

“Take off your pants and underwear,” Mr. Kane said, his voice calm but firm.

Tessa hesitated but then complied. Mr. Kane then instructed her to lean forward over the chair, her butt exposed. He then brought the cane down hard, each strike ringing through the air as it made contact with her flesh.

The pain was intense, but Tessa withstood it, accepting her punishment. After a few minutes, Mr. Kane finished and she was allowed to get dressed and leave.

When Tessa returned to her dorm room later that night, she was surprised to find a note from Mr. Kane waiting for her. It read:

“I enjoyed caning you today. If you’re interested, meet me at the old abandoned theater at midnight tonight. Wear something sexy.”

Tessa was intrigued. She couldn’t believe that her teacher had asked her to meet him there. She knew what it meant, and she had to admit that she was excited.

Tessa made her way to the theater a few hours later. She was wearing a tight, low cut dress, hoping to make a good impression. When she arrived, she found Mr. Kane standing there, looking as dashing as ever.

He smiled at her and said, “I’m glad you could make it. I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

Tessa grinned and followed him inside. Once they were alone, Mr. Kane wasted no time in getting down to business. He kissed Tessa hungrily, his hands wandering over her body as he explored her curves.

Tessa moaned softly as Mr. Kane eagerly undressed her. He then led her to a nearby couch, where he proceeded to make love to her. It was slow, gentle and passionate, as if they had all the time in the world.

But then, Mr. Kane suddenly changed the pace. He started to go harder and faster, pushing Tessa’s body to its limits as he drove his thrusts deeper and deeper. Tessa gasped in pleasure and surprise as she felt him move inside her.

Soon, it was too much for Tessa to take and she felt herself getting close to orgasm. Mr. Kane then surprised her even further by switching positions and entering her from behind. He began to thrust into her with a renewed vigor, and soon Tessa was screaming in pleasure as her climax exploded through her body.

As their sweat-soaked bodies lay in each other’s arms, Tessa couldn’t help but think about how much she enjoyed being caned. She couldn’t believe how quickly her punishment had turned into pleasure.

It was then that Tessa realized that she loved the feeling of being caned, and that it was something she wanted to explore further. She thanked Mr. Kane for the wonderful experience and promised to see him again soon.

And that’s how Tessa’s erotic journey with school caning stories began.

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