Subjugation of Taboo

It was a typical Tuesday for Linda. She got up early, got her kids ready for school, and went to work. But once she was at work, something started to stir inside of her. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it felt like an itch deep inside her body. She felt a strange urge growing in her that she had never felt before. This wasn’t like any other day – this was the day she was about to experience something new, something she had fantasized about for a long time.

Linda had been married for ten years and it was a happy marriage full of love and passion. But, recently, they had begun to experiment with something they both had always been curious about – Taboo sex. Taboo sex is a term used to describe the act of pleasure and domination between two consenting adults. It involves one partner, usually the dominant one, taking complete control over the other, usually the submissive.

Usually they talked extensively beforehand and negotiated terms and boundaries. But, this time, Linda wanted to do something a little different, something she hadn’t done before. She wanted to experience the ultimate taboo – subjugation. Subjugation is a form of domination where the dominant wants to completely take over the submissive, to take away all of their control and power. It can be a frightening and exciting experience for both partners.

Linda arrived home early that evening and as soon as she stepped into the house she felt the electricity in the air. She knew her husband was there and that he was prepared for what was about to happen. He had told her to come home after work and to be ready for him. He had been clear that he wanted to take full control and Linda was eager to let him.

She walked upstairs and into the bedroom. When she walked in the room her husband was already there, wearing only a pair of black boxer shorts. She was already filled with anticipation and desire, knowing what was about to happen. As she walked over to the bed, her husband slowly walked towards her, his eyes boring into her own. He grabbed her wrists, forcing her onto the bed. She felt the adrenaline rush through her body as she surrendered to his power.

He began kissing her passionately, exploring her body with his hands and lips. His commanding attitude was a new sensation for Linda, one that she had never felt before. She felt her inhibitions slowly melting away as they moved together in bed. His hands were everywhere, pushing her past her comfort zone in all the right ways. She let him take the lead, allowing her body to relax into the sensation of being taken.

The next few hours passed in a blur as they explored the depths of their passions and desires together. They explored different positions and embraced new sensations, pushing each other further than they had ever gone before. Linda discovered how powerful it felt to be completely taken and surrender oneself to another’s guidance and desires. Her husband relished in the opportunity to take full control and dominate her body in a pleasurable way that neither had experienced before.

When the night finally ended, Linda was left feeling completely drained yet strangely energized by the experience. She had a newfound appreciation for the power of the taboo and the pleasure of surrendering oneself to someone else’s desires. She realized that by embracing the subjugation of taboo, she had opened herself up to an entirely new world of pleasure. With her newfound pleasure and a newfound understanding of her own power, Linda was ready to experience more of the taboo.

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