Coerced Into Pleasure

Karen had been married to her husband for almost six years now and all the while she had been holding out hope that their lackluster sex life would improve. She loved her husband and knew that he was a good man, but their bedroom activities were becoming stale, and Karen wanted to feel the spark of passion once again.

So, when her husband suggested they try a naughty game, Karen was eager to accept.

The game started out innocently enough. Karen and her husband were in the bedroom, and she was wearing a sexy set of lingerie while he was in his boxers. He smirked as he handed her a blindfold and told her to put it on.

Karen nervously complied, her heart racing in anticipation of what her husband had in store.

Once the blindfold was in place, the real fun began. Her husband lightly touched her here and there while whispering naughty instructions in her ear. He teased her nipples and brushed his lips across her neck. It was electric.

Then her husband began to move his hands lower and lower, until finally he was gently caressing her inner thighs. His touch was soft yet firm, coaxing her to open up for him as he pleasured her with his fingers.

Karen became lost in ecstasy, her body trembling and writhing in pleasure. It wasn’t long before she was begging him to take her.

Her husband laughed and said that she was to do as he said if she wanted her fantasies fulfilled. Gingerly, he grabbed her by the arms and flipped her onto her stomach. Keeping her blindfold on, he used one hand to hold her still while the other explored her body.

Karen gasped as she felt her husband’s fingers press against her inner walls, sending waves of pleasure through her body. She could no longer deny her arousal and she let out a moan as her orgasm began to build.

But her husband wasn’t done yet. He teased her with tantalizing strokes, forcing her to beg for more as he brought her closer and closer to the edge of mind-blowing pleasure.

Finally, when she felt she could no longer take it, her husband took her over the edge. She screamed out in pleasure as the intense orgasm engulfed her body.

But the pleasure wasn’t over yet. After the orgasm faded, her husband took off the blindfold and gently kissed her lips. When the kiss was done, he told her that the next time they played the game, it would involve bondage and a few other naughty surprises.

Karen blushed but eagerly agreed to his terms. She knew that giving her husband control in the bedroom would lead to some of the most amazing sex of her life.

The following night, they entered the bedroom wearing their lingerie, Karen with a blindfold on. Her husband blindfolded her and instructed her to sit on the bed.

Karen felt the cool metal of handcuffs being locked on her wrists and ankles, and the sensation of sheer vulnerability made her insides quiver in anticipation. Not knowing what he had in store for her only aroused her further.

Obeying her husband’s instructions, Karen lay back and spread her legs as he teased her with pleasure. His fingers explored her body, his lips caressing her neck, and his tongue dipping inside of her as he tasted her. He kept her on the edge of exquisite pleasure, working her up into a frenzy until finally, he pushed past her resistance and entered her.

Karen experienced waves of pleasure that she’d never felt before, and her desire to please her husband only increased as the orgasm built up inside of her.

He moved in and out of her over and over, pushing her to heights of ecstasy she could never have imagined. When they both came, Karen knew that she’d found the spark she’d been searching for in her marriage.

Karen felt total satisfaction and love for her husband as he removed the handcuffs and pulled her into his arms. She’d been coerced into pleasure, but it had been worth it. She would never turn down such a naughty offer ever again.

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