Seduction of the Deviant

She was a young, attractive mother, and today she was feeling particularly eager to be seduced. She had just had her daughter at school, but the house was empty and she was alone. Her husband was at work, and the house was quiet.

As she began to clean the house, she thought about the sexy outfits she had bought from online recently. She was always on the look out for something that would make her body look even more attractive for when her husband got home. She was particularly fond of the red corset she had ordered, and today she decided that she should wear it for when she went for a run.

She changed out of her normal clothes and into the corset, carefully adjusting the tight lacing around her body. She admired her reflection in the mirror, taking delight in her large, firm breasts that were pushed up by the tight clothing. She couldn’t help but let her hands wander over her body, massaging her curves as she imagined how it would feel when her husband embraced her.

Stepping into her running shoes, she set off out of the house and down the street, feeling incredibly sexy in her outfit. As she ran, she thought of her husband, imagining his touch as she felt her arousal rising with every step.

Suddenly, she noticed a man watching her from further along the street. He was wearing a leather jacket, and she quickly noticed the bulge in his pants that clearly demonstrated his arousal. She continued running, but this time she let her hips sway a little more with every step, deliberately trying to turn him on even further.

When she eventually returned to her house, she was panting heavily from all the running and felt incredibly aroused. She undid her lacing, taking pleasure from feeling the corset fall from her body as she stepped out of it. Then, closing her eyes, she imagined the man from earlier. He was standing before her, gazing at her body with a hunger that was almost palpable.

As she let her hands wander over her curves, she imagined him slowly undressing her and exploring her body. She gasped and closed her eyes, imagining his lips placing a lingering kiss upon her neck. She felt her arousal growing with every moment, and eventually she could no longer control her desire.

She let out a throaty moan as she slowly stripped out of the rest of her clothes, letting them slip off her body. She lay down on the bed, feeling the sheets against her bare skin as she imagined the man from earlier joining her there.

He moved towards her, and she opened her eyes to see his face. He was even more attractive than she had remembered, and she felt a surge of pleasure as he slowly and deliberately moved his hands over her body. His touch ignited her skin, caressing her curves and exploring her most intimate areas as she felt her arousal and pleasure reach new heights.

He slowly and sensually explored her and seduced her with every touch. She felt a warmth in her belly that could be simply divine, and she felt her body come alive with pleasure. His hands touched her in a way no one had ever touched her before, and it felt incredible.

Eventually, he moved closer and their passionate embrace reached its climax. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure as his body enjoyed hers, and as the intensity of her pleasure increased, she was unable to contain her cries of joy.

When she awoke the following morning, she felt utterly blissful. She felt more alive than ever before, and she thanked the man from earlier for the incredible experience of being seduced and tantalized into such a state of euphoria. She knew she had been completely captivated and seduced by a Deviant, and she was thankful for the experience. She was now aroused in ways she never thought possible, and she looked forward to the next time the seductive stranger greeted her day.

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