The Sex Talk I Had With My Mom

My mom and I had never really talked about sex, so the topic seemed a little taboo. I had known for some time that my mother was a Christian, so I was a little hesitant to bring up the subject. I was also aware that many of her religious beliefs were quite traditional and conservative. However, I was becoming increasingly curious about sex and wanted to understand more about it.

One day, I decided to bring up the subject. I started by asking her if she knew much about sex, to which she replied that she did. I then asked her what she thought about it and if she believed it was a sin. She told me that she did believe that sex was a sin, but that it was something that should be shared between two consenting adults in a loving relationship.

This response surprised me somewhat, as I had expected her to be more critical of the subject. I was also pleased to hear that she was not completely against it. I then asked her if she had ever talked to anyone about it, to which she replied that she had not. This shocked me, as I couldn’t believe that she had never discussed it with anyone before.

At this point, I decided to take the initiative and initiate a conversation about sex. I started by asking her basic questions such as what she knew about it, what it was, and why it was frowned upon. She answered all of my questions patiently and thoroughly, which made me feel more at ease. I then asked her about the different types of sex, such as oral, anal, and vaginal sex.

My mother was a little more conservative when it came to these types of sex, as she believed that they should be saved for marriage. Despite this, she still provided useful information and answered my questions in detail. She also explained why these acts were frowned upon and why they were considered sinful by some people.

Having discussed the theory behind sex, I then asked my mother about her experiences with it. She told me that she had only ever had sex with my dad, as he was her one true love. I was a little surprised to hear this, as I always thought that she was quite conservative when it came to sex.

The conversation eventually moved on to more explicit subjects, such as oral sex, anal sex, and various sex toys. At this point, my mother’s face went a little red and she started to become a bit uncomfortable. Despite this, she still answered my questions, although she was very brief in her responses.

The conversation eventually moved on to talking about different types of people involved in the sex industry. From escorts to prostitutes to brothels, I asked my mother a series of questions related to each of these. She was quite open and honest in her answers, although it was clear that she was still uncomfortable discussing these topics.

Once the conversation had finished, I thanked my mother for being so open and honest with me. I told her that I really appreciated her taking the time to talk to me about such a taboo topic. She then hugged me and told me that she was glad that I had asked her about it, as it had made her feel much more comfortable with the subject.

Overall, I am glad that I had the sex talk with my mother. It has made me more open to talking about sex and has given me a greater understanding of the issues surrounding it. The experience has also helped to strengthen the bond between my mother and I, which I am incredibly grateful for.

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