How I Became A Sissy Husband

How I Became A Sissy Husband

My name is Tom and I’m a married man, and yet I’ve never been able to fully satisfy my wife, Rachel. From the day we met, she has been telling me what she wants in bed: naughty, kinky sex. So I guess that’s why I came to a point in my life where I felt like I wanted to become a sissy husband, to learn the art of pleasing my wife in the bedroom fully.

I had seen a few clips online of men who are sissies in their relationships and it seemed like something I wanted to do. I thought that maybe if I could learn the things that they do, maybe I could take my bedroom experience to the next level and really turn my wife on. So I started researching more about the lifestyle and I found a few websites that were specifically geared towards sissy husbands.

I read through all the information on the sites and it gave me some ideas of what I could do to please Rachel sexually. I reached out to one of the websites and found a sissy “mentor” who I could talk to and get advice from. I talked to him and he gave me some great tips and ideas on how I could spice up our sex life and become a sissy husband.

One of the first tips he gave me was to bring some new toys into the bedroom. He suggested I buy some roleplay costumes, props, and some sex gadgets to help create an exciting atmosphere. So I took his advice and got myself some items including a French maid outfit and a naughty nurse kit, along with some cock rings, lube, and a vibrator.

Next, he suggested I start exploring different fantasy scenarios. He told me to start thinking about what sexy roles I could play in the bedroom and make my wife want for more. So I started to think about all these different ideas and then started role-playing with my wife to help spice up our sex life.

At first, she seemed a bit skeptical, but then she says she started to enjoy our little sex games. I think it really helped us connect on a deeper level. We started experimenting with different types of sex, like bondage and BDSM, and even tried anal sex a few times. The more adventurous we became in the bedroom, the more attracted to me she became.

Then I started offering to do more submissive/feminine things in the bedroom. I would suck her toes and let her dominate me. I found that it really turned her on and she would always finish really satisfied. Eventually, she got so used to me playing these sissy roles that she started enjoying them more and more.

At this point, I felt like I had become a sissy husband and mastered the art of pleasing my wife sexually. I feel like I’m more in tune with her needs and desires and she is much more satisfied after sex. We’ve been together for five years now and she has told me several times how much she appreciates my transformation into a sissy husband.

We now enjoy more intense, wild sex than ever before and I feel like I’m able to bring so much pleasure to her life. Whether it’s exploring new fantasies or just experimenting with different positions, I feel like I’m the sissy husband she always wanted.

I’m so happy I became a sissy husband because it has taken our sex life to the next level and made us a much stronger couple. We now have a better understanding of each other and have become much closer. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my mentor and I’m so thankful I took the plunge and explored the sissy husband lifestyle.

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