The Panty Wetter Part One

The Panty Wetter Part One

Alice was a young twenty-something living in the city, with her face always buried in her books. She was smart, but always felt somewhat out of place, always looking for somewhere she belonged.

On this particular night, she had decided to take a walk around the city to explore a bit. She had been so busy with her studies that she had forgotten to take the time to experience everything the city had to offer. As she walked through the dimly lit streets, she felt a sense of liberation, of freedom.

Alice found herself walking around the corner to an area she had never ventured before. The street was lined with brightly colored neon lights and loud music. She looked down the street, noticing all the bars, clubs, and shops that lined the street, each one more unique than the last.

Alice felt a strange thrill as she began to walk down the street, taking in all the sights and sounds. The air was electric and Alice couldn’t help but feel a little aroused by it all.

As Alice continued down the street, she noticed a brightly lit store with a sign that read, “The Panty Wetter.” Intrigued, Alice stepped inside.

The inside of the store was a wild mix of sex toys, lingerie, and other various adult products. Alice had never seen anything like this before and she wasn’t quite sure what it was all about. The shopkeeper greeted her with a friendly smile and asked her if she was looking for anything in particular.

Alice nervously stammered out that she was just browsing, but the shopkeeper seemed to understand and nodded, telling her to take her time.

Alice found herself amazed at the selection. There were so many unique items, from lingerie sets to vibrators to edible body creams. She couldn’t believe how exciting it all was.

Eventually, Alice decided to buy a few items. She grabbed a few pairs of panties, a vibrator, some lubricant, and a few other naughty items. She felt a bit embarrassed as she paid for them, but the shopkeeper just winked and placed them in a bag for her.

Alice stepped out of the store with her bag of goodies, feeling a strange mix of excitement and embarrassment. She couldn’t believe she had just bought these items, but she also couldn’t wait to try them out.

Alice hurried home, eager to try out her new purchases. As soon as she got into her room, she ripped open the bag and looked through her goodies. She hopped into her bed and started playing with the toys, feeling her heart racing with anticipation as she imagined the naughty possibilities.

Alice started with the vibrator and found it to be incredibly pleasurable. As she explored her body further with the various items, she felt her pussy get wetter and wetter, her arousal growing with each minute. She continued to explore her body, feeling her nipples get harder and her tongue becoming increasingly sensitive with each naughty thought that crossed her mind.

Alice soon found her fingers playing in her wet folds, exploring her body as her fingers moved faster and faster. She felt her breathing becoming labored and her heart beating quickly. She was so close, feeling the pleasure building inside of her as she moved her fingers faster.

Suddenly, Alice felt her body tense up and an explosion of pleasure erupt through her. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through her as she rode the orgasmic high. When the pleasure had finally subsided, Alice lay in her bed, feeling satisfied and content.

Alice slowly realized that her exploration of the city’s nightlife had brought her to the right spot. The Panty Wetter shop had given her an unforgettable experience that she would never forget. She was eager to return and explore the store even further next time.

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