The Anal Initiation

The Anal Initiation

John and Jessica had just gotten back to their apartment after a long day of work. They were in the mood for some fun and they decided that they were going to have an anal initiation. Neither of them had ever tried anything like this before, but they decided that they were ready to take their relationship to the next level and see what it was like.

John and Jessica stripped each other down and got into the bedroom. The feeling of anticipation was in the air and they both wanted to make sure that it was done right. Jessica went first and laid down on the bed, with John kneeling behind her. His hands started to explore her body, feeling the curves and exploring her skin. She felt warmth coursing through her veins as he touched her and she was getting more aroused with each stroke.

John then moved his hands to Jessica’s ass and began to massage it. His hands moved up and down her ass, kneading it and making her moan with pleasure. He then moved his hands to her thighs and began to stroke them, his fingertips tracing the smooth skin in an ever increasing circle. He then moved his hands up to her back and started rubbing her body, creating an electric feeling that made her body quiver.

John then moved on to her anus. He started by using his fingers to circle around it, making slow circles that increased in intensity. He then inserted his middle and index fingers into her, making sure to go slow and be gentle. Jessica felt a sensation that she had never felt before and she was enjoying every second of it. John then started to insert his entire hand into her, exploring every inch of her rectum.

Jessica was enjoying the sensation and her body was trembling with pleasure. She was getting more and more aroused, and her breathing was becoming faster and heavier. John then started to gradually increase the intensity of the penetration, making sure to always take his time and be gentle. He then slipped his tongue into her and began licking and sucking on her anus, making her moan even louder with pleasure.

John then moved back to her vagina and started exploring it with his tongue. He licked her in all the right places, making sure not to miss a single spot. Jessica was in ecstasy, and she was loving every second of it. John then started to insert his penis into her, taking his time and making sure to go slow and steady. He started thrusting and each stroke felt better than the last.

Jessica was feeling new sensations that she had never felt before and the pleasure was becoming almost unbearable. She was moaning and crying out in pleasure, and then she reached her climax. John felt a huge sense of accomplishment and he was just as satisfied as Jessica was.

After the intense orgasm, John and Jessica laid in bed and held each other. They both had experienced something new and amazing together, and they were both so glad that they had decided to take their relationship to the next level. This was just the start of their anal journey and they both were looking forward to exploring it further.

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