My Anal Exploration

My Anal Exploration

I had been wanting to explore the world of anal sex for a while now, ever since I was a teenager, really. Still, I had never been able to bring myself to actually go through with it—until now.

I had recently started dating someone new, and he was a bit more experienced than I was in the bedroom. He seemed to understand my hesitance, and would take things slow with me, but still encouraged me to try new things. So, when the topic of anal sex came up one night out at dinner, I was suddenly filled with an unfamiliar sense of excitement.

I suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I wanted to do it, and as we talked about it further, I could feel my body becoming aroused. I didn’t want to wait—I wanted to explore this new part of my sexuality, and I wanted to do it now.

So, after dinner, we headed back to his place and soon enough, I was standing in his bedroom, completely naked. He was, of course, prepared with a plethora of lube, condoms, and toys. He slowly began to massage my body, slowly and sensually, preparing me both mentally and physically for the experience.

Eventually, he asked if I was ready, and I was. He then slowly lubed up my anus and began to slowly insert his finger. The sensation of my barrier being pushed open was both uncomfortable and exciting. As he slowly inserted more fingers, I felt my body start to relax, and I got even more aroused.

The feeling from his fingers was incredible, and I found myself wanting more. He then grabbed a small vibrator and began to stimulate my anus externally, sending shocks of pleasure throughout my entire body.

I felt my anticipation build to an almost unbearable level, and I wanted him inside of me badly. He then used more lube and slowly inserted his penis. It felt unbelievably good, and I felt my body start to quiver and shake as I adjusted to the sensation. He then started thrusting, slowly at first and then harder and faster as I became more aroused.

The pleasure that was coursing through my body was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I was moaning and screaming in pleasure, and the sensations kept getting better and better. I felt my orgasm build and then it suddenly exploded within me. I felt a wave of pleasure surge through my body that I had never experienced before, and I could barely contain myself.

Afterwards, I lay there in his arms, barely able to move from the sheer intensity of the experience. I had finally explored anal sex and the experience had been amazing. The sensations and pleasure had far exceeded my expectations, and I now knew that this was something I wanted to explore more of.

It was then that I truly realized that facing my fears can be incredibly rewarding. I only wished that I had taken the plunge earlier in life. But, I also knew that this newfound journey was only just beginning. I looked forward to many more explorations into the world of anal sex.

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