Anal Initiation for a Virgin

Anal Initiation for a Virgin

Victoria always knew she wanted to explore her limits when it came to sex, she just never knew how or where to start. That all changed one fateful day when she was browsing the web and stumbled across an ad for a new type of entertainment – Anal Initiation for Virgins. She was a bit hesitant at first, but the more she read, the more intrigued she became. She wanted to know what it was like to experience anal sex – something she had heard about but never tried.

Victoria decided that she would take a chance. She clicked the link and was taken to a website filled with information about the Anal Initiation for Virgins. She read carefully, and discovered that the company had a team of experienced professionals who could not only teach her about anal sex, but also provide her with the necessary gear and support for a safe, enjoyable experience.

Victoria filled out the form and submitted it. A few days later, she received a call from a woman named Lucy, who told her she had been selected to take part in the Anal Initiation for Virgins. Lucy gave her the address of a discreet location where she could meet the other participants and get started.

Victoria arrived at the location, a luxurious apartment in downtown. She was welcomed by Lucy and four other participants – two men and two women. After introductions, Lucy explained the process and took them to a room with a large bed where they could get comfortable. She instructed them to strip down to nothing, then to lay on the bed, face down.

Once everyone was in place, Lucy unzipped her black bag and removed a set of tools – lubes, plugs, vibrators, and dildos. She passed them out to each participant, and then explained how to use each item. She then demonstrated by giving each of them a thorough anal examination.

Once the exam was completed, Lucy handed out a set of instructions for each participant. Each person was to insert one of the plugs, lube up their anus, and then turn on the vibrator. They were to use the vibrator to massage their anal area, getting the muscles relaxed and ready for penetration.

Once everyone was ready, Lucy passed out condoms and instructed each person to cover their penis with one. Then, one by one, she had each participant enter the anus of the person lying next to them, starting with the person who was receiving first.

After a few minutes of penetration, it was time to switch. Everyone switched partners and continued the process until everyone had experienced anal sex. At times it was uncomfortable, but it was a learning experience. They learned the importance of taking their time, communicating with their partner, and using plenty of lube.

At the end of the session, everyone felt exhausted but satisfied. They thanked Lucy for her guidance and support, and she asked them to remember – if they ever wanted to explore the world of anal sex again, they should never hesitate to contact her.

Victoria left the session feeling excited and empowered. She had taken the plunge and explored something new, and now she knew that she could do it safely and comfortably. Anal sex had seemed so intimidating before, but now she knew it was something she could enjoy and feel proud of. She returned home with a newfound appreciation for her own body and the possibilities that lay ahead.

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