Spanked By Matron

It had been a long week for Jessica, one of the assistant matrons at the small, private school. She had been working hard to keep up with the mounting workload and was looking forward to the upcoming weekend to relax and unwind.

She hadn’t had much time for personal pleasure, so Jessica was looking forward to some naughty fun. She had a fantasy that she wanted to live out, and it involved being spanked by Matron.

Jessica had heard other students talking about Matron’s strict discipline and her willingness to spank students who deserved it. Jessica had long fantasized about being spanked by Matron, but she had never had the nerve to approach her.

But now, Jessica was finally ready to take a chance. She had planned everything out carefully, and she knew that if she executed her plan correctly, she would finally be able to get the spanking she had been craving.

Jessica waited until the weekend, when she knew Matron would be alone in her office. She put on her sexiest lingerie and then made her way to Matron’s office. She knocked gently on the door, and when Matron answered, Jessica boldly asked for a spanking.

Matron looked her up and down and then agreed. Jessica felt like her heart was going to burst from excitement. Matron told her to stand in the corner of the room and wait for her instructions.

Matron began by spanking Jessica lightly with her hand. Jessica realized that Matron was going to take her time and make sure that Jessica felt every second of the punishment. Then, Matron grabbed a whip and started to spank Jessica harder.

The pain felt exquisite, and Jessica felt like she was in some kind of sexual ecstasy. She moaned and writhed as the whip cracked against her bare skin. She could feel the heat of her skin burning and the sting that was radiating out from each whip strike.

Matron then pulled Jessica over her lap and continued to spank her on her bare backside. The sensation was intense, and Jessica felt like she was close to orgasm. As Matron worked her up, Jessica felt her body responding to the erotic spanking.

Matron then grabbed a leather paddle and started to spank Jessica with it. The leather paddle felt amazing against Jessica’s skin, and the orgasmic sensations went up a notch. Jessica screamed in pleasure as she felt her orgasm approaching.

Matron then pulled Jessica off the bed and flipped her onto her stomach. She then started to spank Jessica even harder on her bare ass. Jessica could feel her body trembling as she orgasmed.

When the spanking was over, Jessica felt completely spent and completely satisfied. She thanked Matron for the spanking and then went back to her room to rest.

Jessica still thinks about the spanking she received from Matron and often fantasizes about it. It’s one of the most erotic experiences she has ever had and she knows that no other encounter could ever compare.

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