Crossdressers Chat

Crossdressers Chat: A Night of Transsexual Passion

It was a cold winter night. A light dusting of snow covered the streets, the houses, and all the cars. The city, once bustling with life and energy, was now eerily quiet. No one else was out, only two people: a cross-dresser and an escort.

The man, who went by the name of Travis, had been a cross-dresser for as long as he could remember. Growing up in small town Ohio, he had been forced to keep his lifestyle a secret from everyone, never able to fully express himself. That all changed when he moved to the city. Here in this bustling metropolis, there were clubs and bars where he could go and be himself. He had even made friends, though he was still careful about telling them about his true identity.

Tonight, Travis decided to take things a step further. He had found an online community for cross-dressers and decided to take part in a chat room. He expected to find other cross-dressers like himself and perhaps even some interesting conversation. Instead, he stumbled across a beautiful woman who introduced herself as an escort. She went by the name of Alyssa and was incredibly flirtatious. Travis was immediately taken aback by her beauty and charm.

The two of them began to chat and soon they were flirting shamelessly with each other. Alyssa told Travis she was available for hire and that he should meet with her in person if he was interested. She even offered to pick him up at his home and take him to her place. Travis was hesitant at first, but eventually decided to take a chance.

When Alyssa arrived at his door, Travis found himself tongue-tied. She was even more beautiful in person than she was online and it was all he could do to stammer out his address. She smiled at him and then took his hand, leading him to her car.

Once they arrived at Alyssa’s house, Travis was immediately taken by the atmosphere. It was both luxurious and inviting, and he felt immediately at ease. Alyssa opened a bottle of champagne and the two of them talked for hours about everything from cross-dressing to love to sex. Soon, Travis found himself feeling aroused and it wasn’t long before their kisses deepened and the clothing started to come off.

Alyssa was an experienced lover and it quickly became obvious that she knew exactly what to do. She pleasured Travis in ways he had never even dreamt of and soon he was lost in a vortex of ecstasy. He clung to her body as if his life depended on it and as the night went on, he explored every inch of her with his hands, mouth and tongue.

The hours passed in a blur of passion and pleasure and before they knew it, the sun had come up. Travis and Alyssa lay there in each other’s arms, basking in the afterglow of the night. Travis couldn’t believe his luck that he had found someone who not only accepted his cross-dressing, but also embraced it with such enthusiasm.

In the weeks and months that followed, Travis and Alyssa continued to meet up, both in private and in public. Everywhere they went, people seemed to sense the strong connection between them, and it soon brought other cross-dressers out of the woodwork. Whether it was at bars or clubs, Travis and Alyssa quickly became the centre of attention for the local transgender community.

As time went on, their relationship deepened, and soon Travis realized that he was in love with Alyssa. She felt the same way, and the two of them decided to start their own escort service. They called it Crossdressers Chat, and it quickly became very popular in their city.

Travis and Alyssa have since gone on to develop a strong and lasting relationship. They often take part in cross-dressing events and parties, and Travis has even been offered a job at a local brothel.

The two of them are still very much in love, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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