Mistress Leather Amber

Mistress Leather Amber was known far and wide in her small city for her wide selection of sexy leather wear and entertaining shows. Everyone from bikers to burlesque dancers would flock to her shop after hours to experience the excitement she had to offer.

One night, a handsome and wealthy man who had heard of Mistress Leather Amber’s reputation and was looking for something special to spice up his life. He cautiously made his way to her shop, unsure of what to expect, but when he arrived and saw the beautiful Mistress Leather Amber, he knew he had come to the right place.

Mistress Leather Amber welcomed him with a charming smile and a wave of her hand and invited him to take a look at her collection of leather wear and props. With her help, he chose a pair of thigh-high leather boots with a matching collar and cuffs, as well as a whip and a paddle.

With an approving nod, Mistress Leather Amber led the man to her back room where her show was to take place. The man was filled with anticipation, feeling the thrill of what was about to come.

Mistress Leather Amber began to slowly strip away the man’s clothes, revealing his naked body to her. She ran her hands over his body, admiring his masculinity and strength. She couldn’t help but to admire his toned stomach and hard erection as she caressed his body with her special kind of seduction.

The man was filled with delight as Mistress Leather Amber touched him with her soft leather gloves. His body ached with desire as she kissed, licked and bit his neck, shoulders and chest.

She then took out her whip and paddle and began to lightly flog him, the blows heightening the man’s pleasure and anticipation. One minute she was playing with his nipples and the next she was spanking his buttocks with her paddle. It was an incredible sensation that the man had never experienced before and it was incredibly arousing.

When Mistress Leather Amber sensed he was ready, she pushed him down to the bed and began to straddle him. Slowly, she lowered herself onto his manhood and began to rock her hips on top of him.

The sensation was incredible and the man found himself becoming more aroused as Mistress Leather Amber moaned and moved her hips. She then reached down and began to stroke his shaft with her hands while she moved her hips faster.

The man was soon overwhelmed by wave after wave of pleasure and orgasms as Mistress Leather Amber continued to ride him. When they were both exhausted, they lay in each other’s arms, never wanting the moment to end.

The night had been magical and the man soon found himself returning to Mistress Leather Amber’s shop on a regular basis, each time for a longer and more intimate experience. Sooner or later, he knew he’d have to ask her for a real commitment, but for now he was content to just enjoy the pleasure she gave him.

To him, Mistress Leather Amber was the ultimate mistress – sexy, powerful and incredibly giving. Each time was better than the last and the man felt almost addicted to her and her tantalizing touch.

Long after the man had left, Mistress Leather Amber would remain in her shop, her heart still pounding from the night’s pleasure. She knew she would never tire of the thrills she got from pleasing her clients and knew she had found something truly special in this man.

Maybe one day he would make her his own – but until then, she was content to just keep giving him the pleasure he craved.

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