Secret Class

Secret Class

The room was silent as two people moved their bodies together in perfect harmony. Secret Class had been the talk of the town for weeks, and the two inside the room had been eagerly awaiting the moment they got to experience it firsthand.

The woman slid her hands up the man’s back, feeling the strong muscles ripple beneath her touch. She let out a soft moan as his hands traveled down to her hips, guiding them in an ever-increasing rhythm that left her feeling more and more aroused with each passing moment.

The man leaned forward, his lips moving along her neck as he explored her body with his hands. His fingers began to slide down under the edge of her dress, and she murmured in pleasure as she felt his hands move along her thigh. He inched further and further up her leg until he finally reached her center, and as his fingers began to circle slow, tantalizing circles around her warm wetness, she couldn’t help but feel her body shudder with pleasure.

The man moved his tongue to her breast, suckling gently at her nipples until she was moaning and arching against him. He kissed a path down her stomach, and as his mouth moved further downward, she felt her body tense in anticipation.

He nipped and licked at her inner thighs before moving back up to her center, and she gasped in pleasure as he gently licked her most sensitive area. His tongue circled her clit, and as he increased the pressure, the sensations running through her body were almost too much to bear.

When he finally entered her, the sensations reached a fever pitch, and she let out a soft moan as he moved his hips in perfect time with hers. They rocked together as one, their bodies working in perfect harmony to bring them both to the edge of ecstasy.

Finally, as the waves of pleasure erupted from within, they both let out a loud, simultaneous cry before collapsing into a tangle of limbs. They lay there for a moment, panting as the intensity of the moment slowly subsided.

When the room finally returned to a peaceful silence once more, the man moved off her and the woman rolled over onto her back. As she stared up at the ceiling, a satisfied and content smile spread across her lips.

She had definitely enjoyed her first experience of Secret Class, and she knew it wouldn’t be her last.

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