Goprom Story Box

Fury rocked through Goprom’s body as he stepped out of the taxi and onto the streets of the city he used to call home. He had been away for so long, but he still remembered how beautiful it was here. The cobblestone streets, the old buildings, the towering sky scrapers against the lurid sky, it was all so familiar and still just as breathtaking as it had been before. As he walked the streets, memories of nights spent in the seedy bars and clubs of the city came flooding back to him.

The sex story he had heard about the Story Box, one of the most notorious brothels of the city, had called him back and he was determined to find out if it was all true. To his surprise, the building was still there and much to his delight, it looked even more seedy than he remembered. He stepped inside and was instantly hit by the pungent smells of sex and sweat that mixed together in a dizzyingly heady scent.

He strolled down the dimly lit hallway, taking in the sights of scantily clad prostitutes, their eyes heavy with the promise of unadulterated pleasure. He watched as they strode to the door of their rooms, eager and ready to entertain those with money and desire. His hands itching with anticipation, Goprom finally found the room that he was looking for, the notorious Story Box.

The door swung open, revealing a dimly lit room with a huge bed, a mirrored ceiling and walls adorned with various erotic artifacts. A tall figure appeared in the doorway, a tall, beautiful woman with a sultry look about her. Her body was draped in a black silk robe, the flickering light from the candles in the room dancing against her curves.

Goprom felt a surge of arousal course through him as his eyes raked over the woman’s body. Without a word, she stepped closer and began to undress him, her hands lingering on his body, exploring each and every inch of him. She smiled as she looked into his eyes and her hands moved lower and lower, pushing against his groin.

He gasped as he felt her expert touch. His breathing quickened as he felt her fingers brush against the bulge in his trousers, her touch becoming harder and more urgent. She pulled him closer and he could feel her breath against his neck. His hands moved of their own accord, exploring her body. The silk of her robe felt like silk against his hands as he moved his hands higher, cup her full round breasts.

She moved her head back, her neck arched and her eyes half-closed as Goprom moved his hands over her body, exploring every inch of her. She moaned softly as he expertly caressed her nipples, pushing them between his fingers, teasing them until they stood hard and aching for more. His lips moved lower, kissing her neck and shoulders as his hands moved lower still, exploring each curve of her voluptuous body.

He pushed his hands under her robe, his fingers greedily exploring her wet, eager pussy. She gasped as he pushed his finger deeper, her head thrown back in ecstasy. He continued to tease her, pushing his fingers ever deeper, feeling her quiver with pleasure. His mouth moved lower, trailing kisses and tender licks against her skin until he reached her inviting nether regions.

Her moans became louder as Goprom’s tongue moved over her clit, licking and teasing until she was on the brink of orgasm. He moved his hands lower still, pushing his fingers into her tight ass and pushing her over the edge. As she screamed with pleasure, Goprom felt himself reach his own peak, his body shaking with pleasure as he emptied himself into her.

As they lay there afterwards, Goprom knew that he would never be the same again. The Story Box had been everything he had hoped it would be and more. He had never before experienced such pure, intense pleasure and he knew that he wanted to experience it again and again.

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