Caddysack Golf

Caddysack Golf was always a great way to spend the afternoon. After all, what’s more enjoyable than a leisurely game of golf, surrounded by friends and family, and perhaps even a light snack or two? It was a perfect way to pass a summer afternoon, and Samantha and her husband, Paul, were more than happy to take advantage of it.

Paul and Samantha were newlyweds, and had been married for a little over a year. They had just moved to the area, and one of the first trips they decided to take was to the local golf course. The place was spectacular – lush green grass, perfect for Paul’s drive, and a number of different obstacles that challenged Samantha’s putting skills.

But as the day wore on, the heat of the summer sun became a bit much. Samantha and Paul found themselves seeking shelter from the sun, and ended up in a small shaded area of the golf course. It was a peaceful spot, with a few trees providing much needed shade, and a gentle breeze blowing through the area.

At first, Samantha and Paul were content to simply sit and relax, talking about the game and their future plans. But as they continued to talk, they found themselves drawn closer and closer together. With each passing moment, the sexual tension between them continued to grow.

Finally, Paul couldn’t take it anymore, and he leaned forward, pressing his lips against Samantha’s. She eagerly responded, wrapping her arms around him, as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. As they kissed, Samantha felt her loins grow increasingly wet.

Paul’s hands began to wander, exploring the contours of her body. As he caressed her curves, he slowly inched his way down towards her waistline, his fingers teasing the fabric of her shorts. He smiled as he felt the wetness there, and he pushed his fingers further, finding her already aroused sex.

Samantha gasped as Paul’s fingers entered her, and he groaned as she began to buck against him, her hips moving in time with his thrusts. Paul moved his hand in a circular motion, his fingers rubbing up against her most sensitive spot, and before long, she was writhing in pleasure.

Paul continued to move his hand in this way, bringing Samantha closer and closer to the edge, until finally, she cried out in pleasure and release. Paul smiled, feeling his own body responding to her pleasure, and he moved his hand to her breasts, kneading the soft flesh there and eliciting a moan from Samantha.

At this point, the couple had had enough and decided to take the action to a more private place. Paul gently picked up Samantha and carried her out of the shaded area and into some nearby trees. As he set her down, he began to kiss and lick her neck, as his hands began to roam her body once more, exploring every inch of her.

Samantha responded eagerly, drawing Paul in closer until finally, his hands found their way to her shorts. He quickly unbuttoned them and pulled them down, revealing her already aroused sex. At this point, his own desires had been aroused to the point of no return, and before Samantha knew what was happening, Paul was thrusting into her.

The couple moved together in perfect harmony, their bodies creating a unique language that was only understood by the two of them. Paul began to thrust faster and harder, and as he did, he leaned forward, planting deep wet kisses on Samantha’s neck and breasts.

The intensity of their lovemaking soon became too much for Samantha, and she began to cry out in pleasure. Before long, she was screaming out Paul’s name as an intense orgasm shook her body. But Paul was not done yet, and he quickly reversed positions, bringing Samantha on top.

As she began to ride him, their moans of pleasure echoed through the trees, and the entire world seemed to fade away. Soon, Samantha was close to her own climax, and Paul’s hands moved to her hips, helping her to thrust even faster and harder. With one final thrust, they both cried out in pleasure as they both reached their climax.

Afterwards, the couple lay in each other’s arms, completely exhausted, but also completely satisfied. They exchanged a few words of love before Paul gathered up their belongings, and they made their way back to their car. As they drove away, Samantha couldn’t help but smile at the memory of their afternoon of Caddysack Golf.

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