Anal On the Beach

Anal On the Beach

It was a hot summer day when I took a vacation to the beach. I had heard stories of wild and naughty fun on the beach and I was ready to experience it first-hand. I was super excited, but I was even more excited when I realized that anal sex on the beach was also a thing. I had never tried anal before and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore something new.

I put on my skimpy bikini and set out for the beach. It was just past noon when I got there and already the beach was packed with people. I scanned the area for the wildest group of people and soon spotted a group of adults in the ocean. They were all doing something naughty and wild. I realized that they were engaging in anal on the beach.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I watched as they took turns giving each other blowjobs and eating each other out. I was so horny that I just had to join in. I cautiously approached the group and asked them if I could join in. They welcomed me with open arms and quickly got me involved.

The first person I got with was a hot brunette with a big ass. We took turns giving each other blow jobs before I lubed up and slid my cock into her tight ass. She moaned and screamed with pleasure as I plowed her tight asshole. It felt amazing to be inside her and I was getting close to cumming.

Just then her boyfriend showed up and I had to stop. He wasn’t too mad and we ended up having a great threesome afterwards. He went first and then she went next and then it was my turn. I was nervous but I was excited as well. I pushed my way into her tight ass and started thrusting away.

She gasped and screamed as I fucked her doggy style. I was enjoying every second of it until I felt the cum coming. I exploded inside her and felt her spasms as she came too. We lay there for a few minutes just basking in the afterglow before I finally got up.

We thanked each other and I waved goodbye. I was still feeling the effects of the anal on the beach as I walked back to my hotel. I had had an amazing experience and I was ready to come back and try it again. I knew that this experience wouldn’t be my last and I was looking forward to exploring even more.

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