Just Pretend It’s Not Our First Time

Just Pretend It’s Not Our First Time

My heart raced as I stood outside my friend’s apartment door, the anticipation of what was to come cutting through the anticipation. My mind raced over the events of the night, from the flirty conversation over coffee and the suggestion of more, to the text messages back and forth that confirmed that this was really happening. I hadn’t been able to think of anything other than what I was about to do for days.

The door opened and I was met with a wave of warmth that seemed to wash over my body, followed by the sight of my friend. We had been friends for years and had talked about going further, but never had I imagined that this night would be the one where we finally crossed the line into something more.

He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the bedroom, his touch sending a wave of electricity through my body. We quickly undressed, our eyes locked in passionate embrace as we explored each other with an intensity that left me breathless. His lips met mine, his hands snaking around my curves as he tantalized me. His strong hands massaged my back, then my shoulders as I felt his warmth enveloping me with each kiss.

We explored each other’s bodies eagerly, exploring every inch of skin with a tenderness that left me feeling more alive than I had ever felt. I felt myself growing more and more aroused as his hands moved lower and lower, his fingertips dancing across my skin as he explored me. His touch sent delicious ripples of pleasure throughout my body and the sensations quickly began to build.

We moved onto the bed, lying in each other’s arms on the silky sheets as our lips continued to explore each other. Every touch felt like an invitation to take this further and I found myself trembling with anticipation as I felt his hands move lower and lower. I felt his lips on my neck, his tongue caressing my earlobe as my heart raced.

With a soft whisper, he suggested that we take this further, that we explore the forbidden fruit of anal pleasure. Although I had never done it before, I found myself eagerly nodding in agreement, my body seemingly knowing something I didn’t. He kissed me deeply before reaching for the lube and a condom, the sound of its tear sending a wave of excitement through my body as I felt his fingers snake around my curves.

I felt my own desire grow as he teased me with gentle touches, spreading the lube around my entrance before pushing his fingers inside me. I gasped as his fingers explored my inner landscape, exploring each and every pleasure point as he gradually added more and more fingers. His breathing intensified as he teased my inner walls, and I felt my own passion growing as I welcomed him deeper and deeper.

Finally, he paused and I felt a wave of anticipation wash over me as I waited for what was to come next. His hand reached for the condom and I heard the tear of its wrapper as he put it on. I felt my heart pounding as he pushed his way inside me, his length filling me inch by inch. I gasped as he entered me, the feeling of pleasure and fullness overwhelming me in a way I had never known before.

He began to thrust, each movement more intense than the last as we moved in perfect harmony. I felt my own pleasure intensifying with each movement, the pleasure radiating through my body as I felt my inner walls quiver in delight. My breathing grew more and more rapid as I felt the pressure beginning to build until finally, I was swept away in an orgasm unlike any I had experienced before.

We fell onto the bed afterwards, our bodies still trembling from the intensity of what we had just experienced. We lay there for a few moments, simply enjoying the feeling of being close to each other in a way we had never been before. I smiled as I realized that this was not our first time—we had just pretended it was.

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