The Anal Challenge

The Anal Challenge

It all started when my friend Tom suggested that we try The Anal Challenge. He had heard about it from someone on the internet and thought it sounded fun. It was basically a game to see who could tolerate more anal sex without becoming too uncomfortable. We both agreed that it seemed like a fun way to spice up our sex lives and decided to give it a try.

We started off easy, with Tom entering me anally and then slowly increasing the speed and intensity. I found it surprisingly pleasurable and soon we were both enjoying it. The challenge was to see how far we could go without either of us needing a break. We soon reached a point where I was groaning and moaning with pleasure, my body completely accepting the sensation as Tom pushed his cock further and further into me.

Tom was also enjoying it and he began to thrust harder and harder. I was feeling incredible and I started to lose control, screaming with pleasure and gripping the sheets as Tom continued to enter me. I could feel my orgasm building and I braced myself for the pleasure that was to come.

Just as I was about to reach my peak, Tom pulled out and I gasped in surprise. He had won the challenge! We both laughed and celebrated our success, our sex session taking on a new level of passion and intensity.

Tom then suggested something else. He wanted to turn the challenge into a game of inches, seeing who could take the most inches of anal sex without becoming too uncomfortable. We both agreed that this sounded like a great idea and set about trying it out.

We started with Tom pushing his cock in as far as it could go and then, when I was comfortable with that, we would add an inch. This process continued until we had reached a point where I was completely filled with Tom’s cock. I could feel it stretching me to the limits and I was truly amazed at how pleasurable it was.

Tom and I continued to play our game for a while, pushing the boundaries of our pleasure and experimenting with new positions and techniques. Soon, we had perfected our technique and were both thoroughly enjoying anal sex in all its glory.

Once we were both satisfied with our new game, we decided to take it to the next level. We wanted to challenge each other to try anal sex in a public place, pushing our boundaries even further. Tom suggested that we go to a local club and engage in our game of inches there.

We agreed and soon we were in the club, engaging in some very naughty activities. I was nervous at first but soon found myself enjoying the experience. We tried different positions, different techniques and different fantasies, all while surrounded by strangers who had no idea what we were up to.

The Anal Challenge had taken us on a wild journey and we both felt incredibly satisfied with the results. We had explored each other’s bodies and pushed our comfort zones further than ever before. As we emerged from the club, we both had a deep understanding of each other and an appreciation for the pleasure that can be found in anal sex.

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