Hot Night in the Bedroom

It was a hot night in the bedroom, and when the two of them were alone, it was as if the world outside the bedroom walls had ceased to exist. All that mattered was the connection between these two people, unspoken yet powerful, that brought them closer together with each passing moment.

She had had her eye on him from the moment they had met and she knew that if given the opportunity, it would lead to something more. Tonight was that night, and as they embraced, she could feel her heart racing with anticipation as they felt their bodies coming together as one.

He could not help but be amazed at the beauty of her body and the way that it seemed to fit against his so perfectly. He wanted to explore every inch of her and feel the passion that he had heard so much about.

He moved his hands around her body, starting at her neck and neck, down to her shoulders, caressing her soft skin as he moved down her spine, gently tracing her curves as he went. As they continued to kiss and make love, his hands moved lower and lower, until they were cupping her ass.

He could feel himself becoming aroused as his hands roamed around her backside, feeling the softness of her skin as he explored her body. His fingers moved further south, tracing the line of her spine, until they were cupping her buttocks. His fingers began to move in a circular motion, massaging her buttocks as he kissed her neck passionately.

Finally, his hand started to move towards her inner thigh and his fingers started to slide further and further inwards. He could feel her breathing becoming more rapid and her body tensing with anticipation. He continued his exploration, pushing his way further between her legs until he felt the warmth of her pussy on his fingers.

Smiling, he moved his fingers in a circular motion, feeling the wetness of her pleasure as his fingers moved around her clitoris, stimulating her with every motion. She let out a moan of pleasure, her body becoming more and more aroused as he continued to stroke her clitoris.

He could feel his own arousal growing and his manhood becoming harder and harder as he felt her pleasure. Sliding his fingers out of her, he moved down her body, pushing his hard length of him manhood against her ass. She gasped as he touched her, her body becoming even more aroused as they both realized what was about to happen.

Slowly, he started to press his manhood against her ass, feeling it slide in inch by inch. She moaned out in pleasure, her body arching in anticipation as he continued to push himself further and further in. She started to rock her hips back and forth, her body responding to him as she moved her body in time with his.

With every thrust, she screamed out in pleasure, pushing back against him as she felt herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. She felt his manhood becoming harder and harder as he moved in and out of her, her body trembling with pleasure as she felt him penetrate her deeply.

Finally, she screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm crashed over her. He followed shortly thereafter, his body trembling with pleasure as the two of them laid in the afterglow of their night of passion. They laid in each others arms for what seemed like an eternity, both of them content and satisfied with their night of hot and naughty anal sex.

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