First Taste of Anal

First Taste of Anal

It was the first time that Linda had felt the hot, inviting sensation of another person sliding into her tight, virgin ass. She had been hesitant and scared, but her boyfriend Richie had been patient and gentle, assuring her that if she didn’t like it, he would stop. That had been all the convincing she had needed and with a few deep breaths, she had opened up to the sensation of innervating pleasure.

The couple had been together for three years, and while they had always been adventurous, they had never ventured into anything as daring as anal sex. But that had all changed after Linda had seen a porn video where a guy was giving a girl her first taste of anal pleasure. Watching it had aroused Linda so much that she had suggested to Richie that they try it themselves.

Richie had been hesitant at first, but Linda had been so eager that in the end, he had agreed. So, after a long discussion about the logistics and about what it would feel like for Linda, they had finally decided to take the plunge.

Richie had made sure that Linda was relaxed and aroused before he even started to touch her ass. After lots of kisses and caresses, he had started to play with her pussy, arousing her further until she was practically begging for him to enter her. Then, he had started to use his fingers to massage and gently enter her tight opening.

The sensation of him pushing his digits inside her had caused Linda to gasp with pleasure. She had expected it to be painful, but instead, it had been incredibly pleasurable. Richie had then started to use his thumb to stimulate her inner walls and as Linda felt a deep burning sensation, she had realized that she wasn’t scared anymore. She was actually enjoying the feeling of being penetrated.

With Linda feeling more aroused than ever before, Richie had started to slowly and gently enter her ass with his cock. Linda had felt the sensation of his hard flesh slowly pushing inside her tight opening, and had been shocked by the sheer amount of pleasure it was bringing her. She had been worried that it might feel different than when they had sex in other positions, but it had felt just as good.

The pleasure only increased when Richie had started to thrust his hips in a steady rhythm, pushing deeper into her tight ass with each motion. Linda had let out deep moans of pleasure as her tight walls were filled with heat and pleasure. She had been surprised by how tight she felt around Richie and how good it felt to have him rocking his hips within her ass.

The sensation was so intense that Linda had started to cum almost immediately, but Richie hadn’t stopped thrusting. He had kept up a steady rhythm, pushing deeper each time, until Linda had been filled with pleasure so intense that she thought she would burst.

Finally, Richie had allowed himself to cum, and with deep, animal groans, he had filled her ass with his hot juices. Linda had felt a sensation of total fulfilment, feeling totally full and content.

When it was over, Linda had felt a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. She had realized that there was nothing to be scared or ashamed of when it came to anal sex, and that if it was done with patience and care, it could be one of the most enjoyable experiences she had ever had.

Now, whenever she and Richie have sex, she can’t wait until he penetrates her tight ass, and nothing compares to the sensation of being filled with the intense pleasure they both experience. Linda had finally had her first taste of anal sex, and she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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