Lady 2 Maid

Lady 2 Maid

She had always enjoyed indulging in her erotic fantasies. Being a Lady of higher class, she had always kept her desires hidden and suppressed. But, lately her urges had been overpowering her, and she was ready to explore her hidden desires.

That night she went to a secret establishment that catered to the fantasies of the wealthy and powerful. As soon as she stepped into the door, she was in awe of the decadent atmosphere, and was excited and aroused by all the possibilities. She was taken to one of the private rooms, where a beautiful young maid sat waiting for her.

The maid’s name was Sarah, and she was dressed in a tight, revealing outfit that accentuated her curves. She looked up at Lady 2 with an inviting expression, as if she knew exactly what the Lady wanted. Without a word, the maid bent down and kissed Lady 2 deeply and passionately, causing her to moan with pleasure.

The maid then removed Lady 2’s clothing, and began exploring her body with her hands and mouth. She lightly kissed and nibbled at the Lady’s neck and breasts, sending a wave of pleasure through her. Then, she slowly moved down, lavishing attention on her belly and thighs.

Finally, Sarah made her way to the Lady’s moistening center, and began licking and teasing her, taking her to the brink of orgasm. The Lady shuddered and gasped as the waves of pleasure rocked through her body. The maid continued to suck and lick until the Lady could no longer contain her pleasure and rocked into the maid’s mouth, screaming out in ecstasy.

After the Lady had finished, the maid rose to her feet and led the Lady to the bed. With the utmost gentleness, Sarah continued to caress and kiss Lady 2, as she moved her body in time to the rhythm of the music playing in the background.

Slowly, the Lady then allowed the maid to take control, as she gently guided Lady 2 onto her back. The maid then began to kiss her way down Lady 2’s body, teasing her nipples and licking her pussy until she was shaking uncontrollably with pleasure.

The maid then straddled the Lady and moved her hips in time to the music, as Lady 2 matched her movements, taking her higher and higher. Finally, Lady 2 begged the maid to let her come, and the maid complied, increasing her thrusts until the Lady was screaming out her ecstasy. The maid then lay down beside her, and the two of them held each other closely until the music faded away and their breathing returned to normal.

The experience had been so intense for the Lady that she had to take a few moments to recover. Once she’d recovered, she thanked the maid for her wonderful performance, offering a generous tip in appreciation. The maid blushed and thanked her, and then she quickly departed, leaving Lady 2 in a peaceful, satisfied state.

Since that night, Lady 2 had made a habit of visiting the establishment whenever she could. She considered the maid to be the perfect companion for her secret fantasies, and the two of them had developed a mutual appreciation and trust. It didn’t take long for Lady 2 to be completely hooked on the idea of exploring her sensuality with Sarah, and the two of them had become addicted to the pleasure that each encounter brought.

The Lady now finds herself longing for her next rendezvous with Sarah, and she eagerly awaits the day when the two of them can explore each other’s bodies and fantasies once again.

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