Crossdressing In Hotel

He was a Crossdresser, but he’d never had the confidence to do anything about it. All his life he had kept his desires hidden from the world, never daring to express them or even to acknowledge his own identity. But one night, he was feeling daring, so he made the decision to dress up and go out for a wild night.

He headed to the local hotel, choosing it because it was close to home and he knew it would be discreet. He started to shake as he entered the lobby, but he kept on walking. He was determined to go through with his plan. He made his way to the reception desk and asked to book a room for the night.

The receptionist raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything, merely handing him the key to a room on the top floor. He thanked her and made his way to the lift, feeling nervous but excited all the same.

When he reached the room he let his breath out in a whoosh of relief. He had done it. He was actually here. He quickly opened the door, not wanting to dwell too much on his feelings.

Inside the room, he had a moment of awe. It was much bigger than he had expected. The room was lavishly adorned, with sumptuous curtains, a plush carpet and all the amenities he needed to make himself comfortable.

He quickly set about getting changed. He chose an outfit carefully, wanting to look as feminine as possible. He was a little unsteady on his feet as he put on the corset, his hands trembling with excitement as he tied it tightly round his waist. He carefully applied his makeup, feeling the thrill of being able to truly express himself for the first time in his life.

When he finally looked in the mirror, he wasn’t sure what he saw, but he liked it. He looked different, feminine, but still recognizably himself. He had done it. He had become the woman he had dreamed of being.

He took a deep breath and left the room. There was only one thing left to do.

He made his way to the hotel bar, where he ordered himself a drink. it was a heady mixture of alcohol and confidence, and he welcomed it gladly. He felt his heart racing as he made his way over to the crowded area of the bar. He felt a thrill of exhilaration as he looked around, feeling rather daring as he pulled out a chair to join the party.

He was soon in conversation with a group of men and women, all of whom were rather intrigued by his presence. He made sure to make witty conversation, and soon he was the center of attention. One of the men, an older gentleman, seemed especially interested in him. He was balding and portly, but he had kind eyes that seemed to look right through his disguise.

The gentleman asked if he wanted to join him in his room. He felt a wave of panic at the suggestion, but after a moment of hesitation, he agreed. He was curious, and the alcohol had made him more daring than he usually was.

He followed the gentleman to his room, feeling secretly excited. Once inside, the gentleman invited him to sit and he accepted, feeling his heart racing with anticipation.

The gentleman asked him if he would like a drink and he accepted a glass of whiskey. The whiskey made him feel warm and relaxed, and before he knew it he had agreed to let the gentleman have his way with him.

He lay back on the bed, as the gentleman began to explore his body. His hands caressed his curves, exploring and delighting in every inch of him. He gasped as the gentleman started to suck and lick his nipples, and then moved down lower.

He felt a thrill of excitement as the gentleman’s tongue moved further down, delving into the wetness between his legs. He moaned in pleasure as the gentleman explored his body, using his tongue and fingers to bring him mind-blowing pleasure.

The gentleman then moved up and kissed him deeply, exploring his mouth with his tongue and making him feel even more aroused. They then lay on the bed, and the gentleman pushed his hardening shaft deep inside him, bringing him to the brink of orgasm, before pulling out and finishing himself off on his stomach.

The experience left him feeling weak and sated. He had never felt so free, so alive, and so incredibly sexy. He thanked the gentleman for his hospitality and left the hotel, ready for his next adventure. From that day on, he was no longer ashamed of his crossdressing desires, and he embraced his identity fully.

He had found an outlet for his desires, and he was no longer afraid to express himself and explore his sexuality. He had fully explored his wild side, and it had been a revelation. He had finally found his true self.

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