Lesbian Telegram

Raindrops dotted the windowsill, a gentle reminder of the downpour that stormed the city all night. Inside the small apartment, two figures entwined together; their breaths shallow and irregular, their moans undulating in synchrony.

The softness of their skin pressed against one another, as if they could not get any closer. Their hands felt around each other’s bodies, exploring every dip, ripple and curve. Their lips, hungry for more, engaged in a passionate kiss, exchanging the flavors and heat of their desire.

The two were Hannah and Carrie, two young women studying at the same college who, for the past few months, had been exchanging messages, photos and videos over a Telegram messenger app. Both had been interested in exploring their mutual attraction, but neither of them had expected to meet on this particular evening.

Carrie had been the one to initiate the conversation, and Hannah had eagerly responded despite her doubts. She had been warned by her friends about online dating, but the moment she saw Carrie’s profile, she knew she had to take a chance.

They had talked endlessly over the app, discussing their shared passions, their hopes and dreams, the things they enjoyed, and then, of course, sex. Both had revealed more than they had intended to, but the sensations they felt through their screens had been enough to make them take the next step.

Tonight, they had agreed to meet at Hannah’s apartment and finally bring their fantasies to life.

Clothing had been discarded on the floor, and the sheets of Hannah’s bed lay crumpled and damp. Both women caressed each other’s bodies, their fingers tracing the outlines of their curves. Hannah’s hands lingered on Carrie’s breasts, squeezing them tenderly and eliciting a moan from her.

Carrie’s hands moved further down, exploring the heat between Hannah’s legs. Hannah squirmed with pleasure, her back arching as the sensations increased. She responded in kind, her fingers rolling around Carrie’s nipples and then working their way down until she found Carrie’s clit.

A wave of pleasure rushed through Carrie’s body, making her gasp with pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to be touched by Hannah. She responded in kind, her fingers swerving and teasing until Hannah’s breathing become more and more intense.

Soon, they were both creaming with pleasure. Hannah was on top of Carrie, her hips moving against her, her hands pulling her closer and closer. The friction between them was exhilarating, and Carrie felt her body quivering with pleasure.

Hannah reached for a vibrator and placed it between them, the vibrations driving them both towards an exquisite orgasm. As it happened, the orgasm was the final act that enabled them both to succumb to the pleasure of their passion.

When they finally lay there, exhausted and sated, they stared into each other’s eyes and knew that they had found something truly special.

They continued to meet up every week, exploring different positions, tastes, smells and sensations. They would go to escorts, to brothels, and to each other’s apartments, their mutual desire only growing with each encounter.

Their relationship blossomed and soon, they were inseparable. Carrie became the apple of Hannah’s eye and Hannah the centre of her universe.

Their hot lesbian telegram love story turned out to be the beginning of something much more than just a sexual fling. They were truly in love, and it showed in the way they looked at each other, in the way they touched, and in the way they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

The rain outside had stopped, replaced by a gentle hush and the sights and sounds of new beginnings. For Hannah and Carrie, their telegram history had become the story of their hearts connecting, and of a love that will last for years to come.

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