Caned Over The Desk

It had been a long day for Sam, and she felt like she could use some relaxation. What better way to do that than a wild night of passionate sex with a man she had never met before? She was a bit apprehensive, but she was also excited to explore her wild side and try something new.

Sam put on her best lingerie and went out to find a man who could fulfill her desires. She was looking for someone who could push her boundaries and keep her guessing. After a few drinks, she found a tall, handsome man who was more than willing to fulfill her needs.

His name was Harrison and Sam found him to be quite charming and sexy. He told her that he worked as a lawyer and that he was always looking for new ways to release his stress. Sam was intrigued and decided to go back to his place to see what he had in store for her.

When she arrived, Harrison led her to a room in the back of his home that she didn’t recognize. He told her that it was his private study and that she would be able to experience something completely new here. Sam was nervous but excited, so she followed him in.

Inside the room, Sam saw a large desk with a chair in front of it. There was also a cushion on the floor and a long, thick cane lying next to it. She knew immediately what was about to happen and her anticipation was growing even more.

Harrison pulled out a chair and asked Sam to sit in it. She complied and he sat down across from her. He then took the cane and lightly ran it over her bare legs and arms. She felt a tingle go up her spine as he delicately moved the cane across her skin.

He then told her to stand up and face the desk. She complied, and he gently pushed her onto the desk. He then took the cane in his hand and sternly told her that he would be caning her if she disobeyed. Sam felt scared but aroused by the situation.

Harrison then pushed Sam down onto her stomach and started to lightly run the cane over her bare back. It felt both thrilling and terrifying as he moved the cane up and down her back. He then ordered her to turn around and straddle the desk chair.

Sam complied and Harrison pushed her further into the chair. He then took the cane and began to spank her bare ass with it. She yelped with pleasure as the cane lightly spanked her butt. He then switched to a firmer pressure and began to spank her harder, causing her to moan with pleasure.

He then gave her a couple of taps on her inner thighs with the cane before moving to her stomach. He then moved the cane to her nipples and lightly tapped them, sending a shock of pleasure through her body. He then ran the cane up and down her legs, arousing her even further.

Suddenly, Harrison pulled Sam up and onto his lap. She felt his hard cock pressing into her butt and felt her own arousal growing even stronger. He then took her in his arms and passionately kissed her. Their tongues tangled with each other as he moved to explore her body further.

He then grabbed Sam’s hips and pushed her back onto the desk. He then started to suck on her nipples, teasing them with his tongue. She moaned with pleasure as he moved further down her body, exploring her soft curves with his tongue.

When he reached her pussy, he started to lick it slowly and expertly. His tongue felt amazing as it moved around her clit, teasing her and driving her wild with pleasure. He then took his cock in his hand and pushed it deep into her tight wetness.

The sensation was incredible as he moved his hips back and forth. Each thrust sent waves of pleasure through her body, until she was screaming with ecstasy. Harrison then increased the intensity and moved faster, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Soon, Sam was screaming and convulsing with pleasure as she reached her peak. Harrison then followed soon after, and they both collapsed on the desk, exhausted but satisfied. Sam then got dressed and thanked Harrison for the incredible experience.

The night had been exactly what Sam needed, and she felt refreshed and fulfilled. As she left, she couldn’t help but feel a bit naughty for having such a wild and passionate night. She walked home with a smile on her face, sure that she would never forget her night of getting caned over the desk.

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