Mistress Allanna

Mistress Allanna was an independent escort in a city known for its dark secrets. She lived in a small apartment on the edge of town, an area that most avoided in the night. But Allanna was different. She welcomed her clients in the door, usually with a heated gaze and a knowing smile.

Allanna had a way of making her clients feel welcomed, safe and aroused. She wore a tight, black dress with a corset laced at the back, along with a pair of knee-high stiletto boots. Her long, dark hair cascaded down her back and framed her pale skin perfectly.

Once inside her apartment, her clients were enveloped in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Candles burned on a mantelpiece, a bottle of wine was always ready and awaiting Allanna’s guests. She moved around the room gracefully, an enticing sway to her hips that no man could ignore.

Once her guests were settled, Allanna would lead them to the bedroom. She adjusted the lighting to a soft, romantic setting and then she would unzip her dress, revealing her beautiful body. Her clients were entranced by her curves and the tantalizing promise of pleasure that awaited.

Allanna was a master of seduction and she relished the control she held over her clients. She loved to tease and tantalize before finally allowing her clients to touch her. She loved the feel of their hands on her body and the heat of their breath on her skin.

Allanna was an expert in the art of sex and she took her time exploring her clients’ bodies to her delight. She teased and tasted them with her lips, her hands and her tongue. She knew just the right spot to focus on to bring pleasure to her clients and sometimes, if they were willing, she explored the realm of BDSM.

Her clients enjoyed the sensations, sometimes to the point of begging for more. Allanna enjoyed the power she had over them, but never forgot to take care of her own pleasure in the process too. She loved to be on top, grinding her hips against her clients until she gave in to her own pleasure.

When it was time for her to leave, Allanna’s clients were often left wanting more. But she was never one to forget her clients and she often sent them notes and gifts, reminding them of their time together and the pleasure they shared.

Allanna had a special talent for making all of her clients feel special and fulfilled. She had a way of making each of them feel special and loved, no matter how brief their time together was. Allanna was a mistress like no other and her clients, who often returned for more, were always grateful for the pleasure and satisfaction she offered.

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