Caroline Hawley Sexy

Caroline Hawley had it all, a gorgeous apartment in the Hollywood Hills, a successful business and a smashing good looks that turned heads wherever she went. She had always been a free spirit, never settling for one guy for too long and enjoying multiple partners.Tonight, Caroline was out on the town with her best friend, who was in town for business and wanted to get out and show her a good time.The two stopped at a bar for some drinks and some flirting, when a handsome man with a devilishly handsome grin approached them. Caroline could tell that he had his eyes on her, and she was feeling the same thing for him.

Caroline and the stranger started talking, and it wasn’t long before they were drawn to each other. He was her type – sexy, confident, and not afraid to take risks. She felt the instant connection, and it was clear he felt it too.

The flirting quickly escalated and soon they were leaving the bar together, heading back to Caroline’s apartment. As soon as they stepped into her place, it was as if an electric current was running between them, and they were drawn together in a passionate embrace. Caroline felt the intensity building within her and it was clear the stranger was feeling the same thing.

He took charge and pushed her onto the bed, before quickly stripping her of her clothes. Caroline was excited and aroused, as his hands roamed her body and teased her nipples until they were hard and standing out.

He then moved his mouth down her body, slowly kissing and licking her neck and chest before moving lower. He knelt between her legs and began to lick her inner thighs, teasing her until she was begging him to touch her.

He obliged and moved his tongue over her wet pussy, teasing and licking her until she was screaming out in pleasure. She was trembling now, her entire body shaking with pleasure as he moved his tongue over her most sensitive spots.

He kissed his way back up her body, before positioning himself between her legs and pushing himself inside her. Caroline moaned and screamed out as she felt him fill her with pleasure. He started to move inside her, thrusting deeper and harder until she was moaning with pleasure.

He then switched positions, so that Caroline was on top of him. She rode him vigorously, bouncing up and down as she felt her orgasm take over her body. He grabbed her hips and moved her faster, causing her to scream out in pleasure as her orgasm washed over her.

Afterwards, Caroline lay in his arms, feeling completely satisfied. She knew she had met someone special, and that she wanted to make it last. That night, they sealed their relationship with a passionate kiss, and they have been together ever since.

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