Thai Male Massage

The Sensual Delights of a Thai Male Massage

I was feeling a little stressed lately, so I decided to treat myself to a Thai male massage. I had heard that these massages were intense and luxurious, and I was definitely eager to experience it.

I arrived at the massage parlour, and the masseur asked me to fill out a form about my medical history and then asked for my payment. He then led me to the massage room and asked me to undress and lie down on the massage table.

The masseur came in and dimmed the lights. He then poured some scented oil on my body and started rubbing it all over my skin. His strong hands massaged my body and he worked his way down my back. His hands were soft and gentle, but at the same time firm. He then switched from massaging me to kneading and rubbing my muscles.

He was incredibly intuitive and seemed to know exactly what I needed. He elicited a feeling of deep relaxation in me, and I felt the tension and stress in my body melting away.

He then moved to my legs, running his hands along them and massaging them with slow and delicate strokes. I felt my body temperature rising as he moved further down to my feet. He gave me a foot massage that was so pleasurable I felt like I was melting into the massage table.

The Sensual Touch of a Thai Male Massage

The masseur then moved up my body again and started massaging my chest and arms. I felt my breathing become deeper and my body more relaxed as his hands moved up and down my body. His touch became increasingly sensual, and I started to feel aroused.

He then moved down to my lower body, and it seemed as if his hands were everywhere at once. He caressed my inner thighs and then moved to my inner groin. His fingers were strong but gentle as he massaged my intimate area. I moaned in pleasure as his hands roved over my body.

At this point, I was in a state of heightened arousal and I started to feel myself becoming wet. He then moved to my buttocks, massaging them and teasing me with his fingers. His touch was sensual and pleasurable, and I wanted more.

The Explosive Climax of a Thai Male Massage

He then moved up my body again and started rubbing my nipples. His touch was electrifying and I felt my pleasure building up inside me. He then moved to my neck and started kissing it tenderly. His lips were soft and sweet, and I felt myself becoming more aroused by the second.

He then moved lower and started licking and sucking my breasts. I moaned loudly as he pleasured me with his mouth and tongue. He then moved lower and started licking and sucking my clitoris. His tongue was soft and wet, and I felt myself reaching new heights of pleasure.

He then moved lower and started licking and sucking my pussy. His tongue was magical, and I could feel my orgasm getting closer with every stroke of his tongue. His tongue darted around my tight hole, and in no time I was screaming out in pleasure.

I was in a state of pure ecstasy as my orgasm rocked my body. I clung to him as the waves of pleasure washed over me, and I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment.

When I finally opened my eyes again, the masseur was smiling at me. He had a look of satisfaction on his face, and I knew that he had enjoyed giving me a Thai male massage as much as I had enjoyed receiving it.

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