Strictly Come Dancing Fanfiction

Strictly Up All Night: A Hot Sex Story

Adam and Rachel were fans of Strictly Come Dancing from the start. They had watched it religiously for years, and when the show announced a live event where audiences could experience the show for themselves, the couple jumped at the chance. Neither of them had danced in their lives, but the music and atmosphere of the night intrigued them.

They arrived at the event venue, both dressed to impress. The music was blaring, and couples around them were grinding in time to the rhythm. As Adam and Rachel moved around, they couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated by the couples around them who had oozing confidence in their movements.

Rachel grabbed Adam’s arm, a mischievous glint in her eye. “Let’s join them!” she said, as her body moved in step with the music. Adam couldn’t resist her enthusiasm, and they both joined in. As they twirled and spun, they felt the music inside of their bodies, the beat driving them closer and closer together. Their movements became more passionate and wild. They were lost in the music, until they realized that the other couples had stopped, leaving them the only ones still dancing.

Rachel giggled, her cheeks rosy from the heat of the night. She grabbed Adam’s hand and said, “Let’s get out of here.”

Adam and Rachel left the event venue, both feeling a little bit bolder and a little bit wilder than they had before. The night still had a long way to go, and they had a feeling that something even better was in store.

They made their way to a bar they’d heard good things about, and were quickly knock out by its lively atmosphere. People were grooving to the music, and couples were grinding on the dance floor. Rachel and Adam grabbed a couple of beers and joined the crowd.

The music was even more seductive than the one at the event venue. As Rachel and Adam moved with the music, their bodies seemed to melt into one another. Their torsos swayed in time, and their hands roamed each other’s bodies as they ground against each other.

The music changed, and so did the atmosphere of the bar. It felt like a Strictly Come Dancing session, but with an added edge of sensuality. People were getting closer, their movements becoming more intimate. Adam and Rachel felt a surge of excitement, and they both knew that they wanted to take things to the next level.

Picnic in the Park

They quickly left the bar, the anticipation of what was to come fueling their desire. Adam and Rachel decided to take a romantic picnic to the park, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The night was dark yet full of stars, a perfect setting for a romantic evening. They laid out a blanket, and set up their picnic. As they opened a bottle of wine, Rachel moved in close and kissed Adam deeply, her lips hungry and searching for his. The kiss was long, and left them both wanting more.

They moved from the blanket and began to explore each other’s body, their hands roaming, their tongues twirling. Rachel moved to straddle Adam and as she did, she suddenly remembered the dance moves from the event earlier. She looked into Adam’s eyes and said, “Let’s dance.”

She began to move her hips, slow and sensual. She moved around Adam, her body brushing against his. Adam followed her rhythm and their movements synced in perfect harmony. They were both lost in the music, the sensation of their bodies intertwined sending waves of pleasure through them.

Kinky Games

As they moved together, they both became more and more aroused. They decided to take things to the next level and play a few naughty games. Rachel smiled seductively and said, “Let’s play a game of Strictly Come Dancing, but with a naughty twist.”

Adam agreed and the couple moved their bodies to new and naughty positions. Rachel moved her body back and forth, teasing Adam’s body with her own as she rode him. She moved around him, her curves sensual and inviting. As she moved against him, Adam moved his hands around her body, his fingers tantalizing her skin.

They moved together, exploring each other’s body and discovering new sensations. Rachel moved her hips in circles, her movements driving Adam wild. He couldn’t help himself, and began to thrust his hips in sync with hers.

The pleasure was intense, and Rachel’s breathing became more and more erratic. She couldn’t resist any longer and let out a deep moan of pleasure as her orgasm began to build. Adam lost control and thrust himself into her, sending her over the edge. The pleasure overwhelmed them both, and as they lay there panting, they finally felt the satisfaction of a night of hot, passionate and naughty Strictly Come Dancing.

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