Busy Wife’s Raunchy Pleasures

It had been a long week for Jenn and Dave. Both were busy with work, the kids, and everything else that the married life entails. For the couple, it had been a while since they last enjoyed some intimate time together – almost too long.

That night, when Dave came home after long day at the office, Jenn had a special surprise in store. She was wearing a lacy, black negligee and had already lit some candles in the bedroom.

Dave was more than pleased to see what Jenn had planned. Jenn was his highest priority, always had been and always would be. He knew that Jenn was the most important person in his life, and he wanted to make sure that she felt the same way.

Dave leaned in for a kiss and Jenn responded with a passionate embrace. As the two sunk into each other’s arms, Jenn let out a satisfying sigh and Dave felt his desire for her swell. He wanted to make this night unforgettable for his beautiful wife.

Jenn began to make her way over to the bed as Dave kneeled in front of her. He began to undress her, starting at the neck and gently working his way down. He lightly kissed her body while slipping off her dress, and she moaned in pleasure. Dave kissed her stomach, her neck and finally along her collarbone, teasing her and making her squirm.

When Dave got to her breasts, he began to lightly trace circles around her nipples, using his tongue to increase the sensation. Jenn was panting now, and Dave knew that she was near her peak of pleasure. She took his hand, leading him to the bed and motioning for him to lie on top of her.

Jenn had a naughty look in her eyes, and Dave knew that things were about to get much more interesting. She grabbed the lubricant from the nightstand, and began to apply it liberally onto her aroused body and Dave’s member. Dave felt himself becoming aroused more and more as Jenn touched him and smiled suggestively before straddling him.

Jenn slowly began to slide onto Dave’s member, and he felt himself filled with an intense pleasure. She slowly began to rock back and forth, increasing in speed and intensity as she reached her climax. Dave grabbed hold of her hips and helped her continue her movements – he knew that he was close too.

Just as he was about to reach his peak, Jenn stopped and rolled off of him. Dave was almost in shock – he wanted more. Jenn smiled, and slowly and began to trace patterns all over his body, with her soft hands and light kisses. She kissed and licked her way back up to his neck, and moved her head so her lips were just millimetres away from his.

Jenn began to whisper sweet words of pleasure into his ear, and Dave was completely in awe. He lost himself in the moment, and felt himself exploding with pleasure. As he drifted off into a deep sleep, he felt completely satisfied.

He knew that his wife’s raunchy pleasures had really hit the spot. He thanked his lucky stars that he was the one to get to experience such an amazing night with his beloved wife. Jenn smiled, and rolled over, content in the knowledge that they had finally gotten a chance to reconnect.

The next morning, Dave woke up and felt rejuvenated. He looked over at Jenn and could not help but to smile. It seemed like all of the hard work and stress of their daily lives had melted away overnight, and now all that was left was happiness, joy and love.

He thanked his lucky stars that he had found such a beautiful, sexy and loving wife. No matter how busy their lives were, Dave and Jenn always made sure to make time for intimate moments every now and then – and that night was surely one to remember.


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