Hotwife in Control

Kate loved being in control in the bedroom. Every day, her husband Dave was surprised by her new moves, new fantasies, and new ideas. She was never into plain vanilla sex anymore.

One day she decided to try something new; she wanted to explore the world of the hotwife. She hadn’t told Dave about her naughty fetishes yet, but she wanted to surprise him.

For their next session, she had decided that she would be in complete control. She wanted Dave to do whatever she asked of him and nothing else; no stopping, no questions.

She had chosen a tight black leather skirt and a sparkly crop top for the occasion. She knew that Dave would find it sexy and that it would give her the upper hand.

When Dave arrived home she was lying on the bed wearing nothing but her lingerie. She could see the surprise and the desire in his eyes as she emerged from the shadows.

Dave kneeled down in front of her and placed his head in her lap. She pressed her hands into his hair and began to stroke it with her fingers. She felt him tense up at her touch and the sensations sent a thrill through her entire body.

She wanted to put Dave in a trance and make him helpless to her desires. She started to whisper sweet and naughty words of encouragement into his ear, driving him wild with every word.

Dave lost himself in the sensation of her hands and voice. She switched positions and climbed atop of him, guiding his body to do what she wished. She rode him slowly and tenderly, savoring the pleasure her body was receiving.

Kate whispered into Dave’s ear, letting him know how good he was making her feel. She took her time with each move, making sure that Dave felt every bit of pleasure that she was receiving.

At the peak of their session, Kate could see the pleasure on Dave’s face as his body quivered with delight. With one final thrust, they both let out a loud moan of pleasure.

Afterward, Dave clung to Kate tightly, thanking her for her amazing performance. She laughingly told him that if he wanted to experience more of this kind of pleasure, he’d have to do more of what she asked.

There was something incredibly sexy about knowing that Dave was totally at her mercy as she took control. She felt that hotwife rush throughout her entire body, and could already tell what a great time she was going to have exploring this kinky side of herself.

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