A Weekend of Seduction

When Jack and his wife, Molly, planned to spend a weekend of seduction they could hardly contain their excitement. They had done everything they could to make the night a special one; buying new lingerie, arranging a time away from the children, and cleared their schedule so they could have the house to themselves from Friday night until Sunday morning.

When Molly walked into the bedroom, she was floored by the sight before her. The bedroom was dimly lit, but she could still make out the flickering candlelight that illuminated the room and its sensuous atmosphere. The air was filled with the scent of roses and jasmine and music softly played in the background. The room was transformed by the soft touch of romantic decor.

Jack turned and looked at Molly. She was a vision of beauty, in nothing but a leopard print chemise, showing just enough to leave him breathless. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He smiled and held out his hand to her. Taking it, Molly stepped closer and embraced him.

He quickly pulled her close and tucked his face into the crook of her neck as he whispers sweet nothings in her ear. His hand slowly caressed her body as his also pulled back and lace of the fabric of her chemise, letting it pool at her feet revealing her creamy soft skin.

Molly couldn’t help but shiver at the sensation of his touch and the pleasure of being in his arms. Jack stood back, looked at the woman before him, and beheld the beauty of his wife. He wanted to make sure this night would be one they would always remember.

Taking Molly’s hand, they walked over to the bed, a double sided mattress with a fur coverlet. Jack motioned to Molly to come closer and began to caress and stroke her skin. Molly could no longer control the desire coursing through her veins as Jack’s hands continued their exploration. She allowed herself to drift further and further into the bliss that was engulfing her senses.

His mouth found its way from her neck to her body and began to plant gentle kisses down to the tops of her breasts. His hands moved down to massage and tease her breasts mercilessly as if trying to unlock all the pleasure and passion that she could possibly feel.

Jack’s hand then moved further south, working their way to the apex of her thighs, teasing and caressing her most secret places with a tantalizing touch. Meanwhile, Molly found her way to Jack’s smooth chest and began caressing with her own hands. It was as if time had stopped and nothing mattered more than the pleasure that wrapped around them.

Molly could feel the intensity of his touch that sent wave of intense pleasure through her while his mouth continued to explore her body paying tribute to her curves. Jack soon moved to take a hard nipple into his mouth, holding her close as his tongue swirled around causing a wave of sensations to crash through Molly’s body.

He then took his own body and began to settled between her legs. His hard muscles seemed to massage her body as their bodies fit perfectly together in the most beautiful way. He never had himself above her, always holding her close and making sure that Molly knew how much he loved and appreciated her.

Slowly, Jack let himself enter Molly, inch by inch as they kissed, caressed, and explored each other to the sounds of sweet music and the intimate scent of sex. Molly could feel every inch of Jack penetrating her deeply, as his thrusts got stronger and faster Molly could no longer resist the pleasure and succumbed to an intense orgasm enveloping her whole body.

Jack soon joined her in the incredible pleasure as he held her tighter and thrust deeper. She savored every single moment as Jack moaned in ecstasy his body quivering with pleasure. After they both enjoyed the climax they embraced close, holding each other tightly as if to never let go.

When the weekend of seduction came to an end, Jack and Molly had not only rediscovered each other, but learned anew about the power of real love and connection. As they said their goodbye’s, Molly kissed her husband and whispered into his ear that more weekends of seduction await, and that she couldn’t wait to experience them with him.

Jack smiled and returned the kiss, his eyes bright in anticipation of the adventure that lay in their future. They both fell asleep with a feeling of contentment and deep love, dreaming of their next weekend of seduction.

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