Anal Pleasures in the Park

Anal Pleasures in the Park

It was a warm summer day in the park. The sun was bright and birds were singing in the trees. A gentle breeze wafted in from nearby, bringing with it the smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of children’s laughter.

Paul and Martha had been dating for a few months and were in love. They had been to the park many times before and they both enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the wide-open space.

Today, however, they had something a bit more exciting in mind.

After lounging on a bench in the shade, Paul and Martha decided to take a walk and find a more private area. After a few minutes of searching, they found a spot hidden behind a thick hedge.

The spot was perfect. No one could see them, and they were completely alone.

Paul gently pushed Martha against the wall and started kissing her passionately. He then slowly moved his hands towards her waist and unbuttoned her shorts. He pushed them down over her hips and grabbed her ass, pulling her close.

Martha gasped in pleasure as Paul’s fingers explored her soft curves. She was wet and ready for him, and he could feel it.

Paul gently laid Martha on the ground and removed her shorts and panties. He then hovered above her, looking deeply into her eyes.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“Yes,” she said, “I’m ready.”

Paul carefully positioned himself between Martha’s legs and entered her. She gasped as he filled her up and started to move.

He started off slow, but soon their hips were moving in a frantic rhythm. Martha’s desire was reaching its peak and she grasped Paul’s back, arching her body to meet his.

He moved his hands down and started to massage her clit as he continued to thrust into her. Martha’s moans grew louder as the pleasure intensified.

As the pleasure reached its peak, Paul moved his hands back up to her waist and flipped her onto her stomach.

“Ohhh,” Martha gasped as Paul entered her from behind. He started with slow and steady thrusts, before gradually increasing the tempo.

Martha’s moans grew louder, and her hands dug deep into the grass as the orgasm built up inside her.

Paul grabbed her hips and increased the pace, pushing her to her limits. His thrusts became faster and more intense as her screams echoed off the trees.

Finally, Paul and Martha both collapsed onto the ground in total bliss. They lay there for a few moments, before getting dressed and heading back to the bench.

Perhaps it wasn’t the most conventional way to spend a day in the park, but the experience was unforgettable. Paul and Martha often reminisce about that day, and the anal sex session they had in the park.

Their time together only increased their love and passion for each other and they still visit that park whenever they get the chance. Anal pleasures in the park will always remain one of their favorite memories.

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